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Social media and forums are very popular because it’s an easy way to keep in touch and get new information without having to make a phone call, send an email […]

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September 8, 2014

Social media and forums are very popular because it’s an easy way to keep in touch and get new information without having to make a phone call, send an email or physically visit a person. More than a million people access popular social media sites daily and businesses are using this to their advantage.

If you are looking for ways to keep your employees engaged and make your daily process run more efficiently Salesforce Chatter is a great way to go. Salesforce chatter allows you keep in touch with all of your colleagues, share files, find out what’s going in the company, and work closely together while reducing email traffic. It’s a wonderful tool for bouncing ideas off each other, having online discussions, and problems solving all at your fingertips available 24 hours a day.
If you are looking for a CRM software that has functionality of a mainstream database software with the appearance of a social media site then Salesforce Chatter is what you need.

What if you had a way to post your questions, customer information, or important information for your entire team to see and respond to. You could easily bounce ideas off each other when you are out of the office, get answer to important questions quickly, and access a database of information all without having to be in the office, make a phone call, or wait for an email response.

The wonderful thing is that these posts can only be seen by people in the company. Your customers, contacts, and competitors will never see your post. So if you need to share personal company information or insider tips with your colleagues you don’t have to worry about it getting back to anyone outside of the company.

[tweet_quote]You can use Salesforce Chatter in so many ways, here are a few examples:[/tweet_quote]

Groups: you can set up groups so that the different departments have a way to manage information they need to share with each other. For instance you can have a human resource group specifically for the HR department or a sales group just for the sales group.

Post updates: If you are working on a special project and need reports on everyone status each day or even at certain point throughout the day your group or team can post updates to let you know how things are progressing. Alternatively you can post updates about any company related business.

Manage accounts: You can record information about customer accounts. Every instance of a purchase, call, or transaction that they have with your company including their activity, email address, personal information can be stored in Salesforce so that when they speak with someone new their previous interactions can be accessed. Do you have a customer with special requests? Make a notation on their account and any agent that accesses their account can see the notation.

Company Documents: Are policies constantly changing, or do you need to share information quickly and efficiently in chatter you can share FAQ’s, account information, policies, and tips to help each other deal with the daily task at the job.

Ask questions: you’ll be able to post a question and receive comments from a group of people on how to handle any situation at your company. No longer do you have to send an email to everyone. Now, post a question in a Chatter group and get the answers you need.

Follow Colleagues and Key People: Just like other social media sites you will be able to follow key people at the company and find out what they are doing. If you have a trainer that has particular tips that help people meet their goals each day, they can be posted on Salesforce Chatter versus sending out a daily memo or email.

Collaborate Easier: No need to hold traditional meetings. With Salesforce Chatter you can bounce ideas off each other constantly; making coming up with ideas and plans easy.

The Salesforce Chatter Experience

There are so many possibilities when it comes to Salesforce chatter that you cannot do with other software of its caliber. This software only enhances your intranets capabilities with so much information stored in one generalized location.

Salesforce Chatter is so much fun that your employees will forget that they are actually working. There are some things that each Salesforce user should remember when using the Chatter to make the experience more efficient for everyone:

Set Guidelines for Salesforce Chatter

  • Don’t post personal information like what you ate for breakfast or what you did last night. Only post what is relative to getting your job done.
  • No long winded post, keep things simple and easy to understand.
  • Person-to-person conversations still win out over post.
  • Don’t post the same thing to more than one user.
  • Get everyone involved and participate by asking and answering questions.
  • Post ideas, comments, process, and simple information rather than sending an email.
  • Use chatter for team projects; it helps them run smoothly without the need for daily meeting for status updates.
  • Post files instead of emailing attachments.
  • Before you post remember your post can be seen by potentially anyone in the company.
  • Private groups can be created so that posts are restricted to people in the group however your database manager will always be able to access the post history.

This is just a small sample of what Salesforce Chatter can do. There are so many more options for keeping your company organized within one CRM software and Salesforce Chatter is the solution. Companies that use more than one database to organize information, that frequently have to share files and send out updates via email, have multiple off-site team members, or have multiple locations with multiple teams that work in the same capacity (like more than one customer service department) can truly benefit from being able to share ideas, manage files, share files, and post relevant information to each other using Salesforce Chatter.

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