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Your CRM Should Work for You (Not the Other Way Around)

Salesforce® is made for business, but no two organizations are exactly alike. Unique products, processes, and people deserve a system uniquely built with them in mind. That’s where Galvin’s Salesforce® Developers step in. They develop Salesforce® solutions to meet even the most challenging business requests. So, what can Salesforce® do for the distinct needs of your company? With Galvin’s Salesforce Development team, anything you want.

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Our Approach

Our Developers hold multiple Salesforce® certifications, carry diverse backgrounds, and have a long-standing record of project success. Yes, they know technology, but more importantly, they understand business – and know how to make the two work together. Our Developers are different because they do not work behind the scenes. They communicate directly with clients, forge meaningful partnerships, and become invested in your success.

We approach Salesforce® Development as part of a multi-step progression designed to drive maximum strategic value.

Define Needs

We begin every project by capturing business needs across different departments and down to specific users.

Search for Simplicity

With key needs in mind, we identify solutions using native Salesforce® features and functionality to maximize a company’s core investment.

Develop & Design

For complex business requirements, we turn to customized code. Our Developers build one-of-a-kind applications, automations, and third-party system integrations tailor-made for each business

Test & Refine

We deploy our custom-built solutions and monitor performance while gathering user feedback. Our findings guide a refinement process until the solutions fully meet all identified business goals.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Galvin. They have been extremely helpful in our Salesforce continuous improvement effort. I would highly recommend using them.”

Expanding the Possibilities of Salesforce®

From full-scale Salesforce® implementations to one-time projects, our Developers build with the end-user in mind. We balance budgets with business needs to create customized solutions. Companies come to Galvin Technologies to:

  • Develop automated business processes for mobile and web
  • View real-time information from multiple data sources connected through our Salesforce® Integration Services
  • Migrate from or link legacy systems within Salesforce®
  • Create Salesforce® Lightning Web Components
  • Build mobile apps
  • Design custom user interfaces

Full-Service Set-Up & Configuration Services

Salesforce® Development Support Apex CSS HTML 5
Angular JS Git JSON VisualForce
Web Services Integration REST SOAP Lightning Web Components
JavaScript Migration Tools SOQL Web Services

Galvin Changes Ideas into Innovations

If you can think it, we can build it. From processing real-time financial quotes worth millions to saving thousands of hours in apparel order processing. Connecting communities of people across the world to improving internal communication with a global workforce. We turn what-ifs into what’s next.

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The Most Important Thing We Develop:
Client Relationships

Our personal approach to Salesforce® Development sets us apart from other firms. If you are looking for a partner, rather than a programmer, talk to Galvin Technologies. We see customers, not code.


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