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Build a Team of Pardot Pros

You have Pardot! Now what? Implementing marketing automation does not mean putting your efforts on autopilot. No matter how right a tool is for the job, it won’t work if you don’t know how to use it. From sales and marketing automation strategies to best practices and analyzing your first campaign, there is a lot to learn in Pardot. Galvin’s team of certified Pardot and Salesforce specialists help users become Pardot experts. Our Pardot training combines real-world marketing examples with profound understanding of system features that turn beginners into Pardot pros.

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Hands-on, Minds-on Learning

At our Pardot training, people get their hands dirty. They work inside the system. We replace traditional point and click software training with a stop and think project-based learning approach. We pose questions that bring relevance and context to Pardot’s capabilities. Our team caters to all learning styles with a combination of strategy discussions, practice workbooks, and hands-on exercises doing actual campaign work. Galvin’s trainings create comfort in using Pardot while elevating a team’s overall marketing skills.

“Galvin was very personable and easy to work with. They were great at problem solving and finding ways to make processes make sense for the team. They were very patient with our team, providing multiple demos and documentation. ”

–Tamara, Nonprofit

“Galvin is thorough, informative, helps us evaluate complex business processes, and pleasant to work alongside. I have learned so much from partnering with them.”

–Christie, Smithville Fiber

Training Topics

How to Generate High-Quality Leads

Creating Nurturing and Drip Campaigns

Managing Leads and Improving Engagement

Building an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Aligning Sales and Marketing and Creating Accountability

Understanding and Responding to ROI Data

Training Skills


Managing Users


Technical Setup


Field Settings

Progressive Profiling


Data Management




Scoring & Grading

Lead Scoring

Behavior Scoring

Building Personas






Building templates

A/B Testing

Completed Actions

Landing Pages

Building Pages

Landing Page & Form Reports

Engagement Studio

Building Campaigns

Triggers & Rules


Dynamic Content

Creating Content

Targeted Offers




Campaign & Conversion

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Pipeline Assignments

Engagement Histories

Data Sharing

Tailored Training


New Users

Advanced Skills

team mapping out customer flow

“I have been working with Galvin for over a year. They are very knowledgeable and helpful with great response time.”

Tina Burns

Salesforce and Pardot: The Perfect Pair

The Galvin Technologies team understands the ins and outs of Pardot and how to make the platform work seamlessly with Salesforce. Our deep knowledge and experience with Salesforce architecture places us a step above other firms when it comes to Pardot implementation. We know how to deliver a unified experience that truly aligns sales and marketing.

Full-Service Pardot Support

Galvin Technologies offers wraparound services to ensure companies find success with Pardot. Our clients include businesses new to marketing automation and companies looking to use Pardot more effectively. Regardless of system setup or staff skill sets, we find the right starting point and advance things from there.

Pardot Consulting & Strategy

Career marketers and certified Pardot consultants engage in a discovery process to identify business needs and align marketing automation around those goals.

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Pardot Implementation

The technical team integrates Salesforce and Pardot, manages the data, and designs system workflows and templates configured to specific business requirements.

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Pardot Managed Services

Clients gain access to a full complement of services for ongoing system and marketing support provided by a highly skilled group of Pardot and Salesforce specialists.

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Move Your Marketing into a Class of Its Own

It’s time to graduate beyond traditional marketing. Take advantage of a free consultation and let Galvin create a customized training plan for your marketing team.

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Effectively Measure Your Sales Team with Salesforce

Sales executives know what gets measured gets managed. Learn how to configure Salesforce to get performance insights for evaluating sales teams.

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