The Ultimate Salesforce Checklist

Get Ready for your Salesforce implementation with the Ultimate Salesforce Checklist



 The Ultimate Salesforce Checklist

Sales executives are looking for insights to evaluate the performance of their sales teams.  Over the years we have worked with many sales organizations who are exceeding their sales numbers month-over-month because they have a clearly defined set of metrics that each sales person is held accountable to.  Plus, they track everything in Salesforce.

This checklist, taken from our Salesforce for Sales program, highlights the strategic metrics that matter most as you get ready for your Salesforce implementation or when you take  your Salesforce to the next step.

You will be able to easily:

  • Define revenue targets

  • Set pipeline metrics that produce data you can actually forecast

  • Get the activity data you always craved in Salesforce

  • Put it all in place so your Salesforce implementation is perfect

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