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When a company implements Salesforce, it marks the start of a new beginning. Fully capitalizing on a better way of doing business takes work. Launching Salesforce is just the first step in that process. Maintaining and adapting Salesforce as a business evolves is equally as important and ultimately drives ROI. Companies wanting the Salesforce CRM to be as dynamic as they are need ongoing support. With Galvin Managed Services, we help clients make the most of Salesforce – whenever, wherever, and however they need us.

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Ongoing Innovation and Support

Keeping Salesforce in peak condition requires time and attention. Managed Services saves resources without compromising quality. Businesses also benefit from broader knowledge and experience than most in-house teams can provide.

A Managed Services package is perfect for companies that:

  • Own a backlog of Salesforce projects that exceed their team’s workload capacity
  • Prefer long-term partners and reliable relationships at reduced rates for platform assistance
  • Want to outsource ongoing support and training as they grow their business

Galvin Technologies Managed Services


We maintain Pardot and ensure the platform functions well


We identify real business needs and turn them into technical requirements


We integrate Pardot and Salesforce seamlessly for marketing and sales alignment


Platform and process audits present improvement opportunities that we prioritize based on revenue impact


Work requests are vetted in advance to ensure they represent the best solution


We focus on the projects that matter most within a budget that works for the client

A Team of Resources at the Ready

Galvin’s Managed Services clients have access to our entire team of experts. Whether businesses use us for one hour or 365-plus days, we make the most of that time to meet the needs of every project. When clients feel successful, we do too.

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Salesforce Admin Services

Business Analysis

Salesforce Development

System Integrations

Sales Process Consulting

Salesforce Support

Salesforce Training & Adoption

Pardot Marketing Automation

Managed Services Packages

Block of Hours

Client purchases a defined block of hours.

Ideal for:

  • Companies requiring small bursts of support for various initiatives

Most Popular

Tiered Service Level Agreement

Client commits to a minimum number of hours. Rates decrease as more hours are consumed.

Ideal for:

  • Companies launching large projects and/or managing a significant project load.
  • Businesses needing more than 10 hours/month
  • Ongoing Pardot support
  • Teams seeking continuous training

General Support

Client buys hours as needed. Time is estimated and approved before work begins.

Ideal for:

  • Companies wanting on-demand support as needs arise

Everything We Do Revolves Around TRUE

Clients select Galvin Technologies because of our commitment to their ongoing success. Our people, and the partnerships they build with customers, make all the difference.





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When we call ourselves experts, we do so by combining hundreds of project achievements with ongoing investments in our education and professional development. When we define this company as a partner, countless long-term client relationships and a five-star service rating make it genuine. Only by embodying the TRUE philosophy can we deliver continuously cutting-edge, customizable solutions for unparalleled customer success. See how our many clients benefit from this team’s commitment to TRUE.

Galvin Changes Ideas into Innovations

If you can think it, we can build it. From processing real-time financial quotes worth millions to saving thousands of hours in apparel order processing. Connecting communities of people across the world to improving internal communication with a global workforce. We turn what-ifs into what’s next.

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Galvin Keeps Salesforce Working for Your Business

Whatever you want the future to look like, our Salesforce® Admins can help you get there. We deliver solutions within any budget or deadline. Spend less time dealing with Salesforce® and more time closing deals.


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