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You Know Them as Salesforce Admins.

We Call Them
Premier Problem Solvers.

Implementing the next big innovation. Driving productivity. Focusing on profitability. When Salesforce® is the engine powering business processes, having a skilled professional who keeps things running smoothly is key. Maximizing Salesforce ROI takes dedicated resources. At Galvin Technologies, we offer some of the industry’s best. Our Admins take care of Salesforce, so you can take care of business.

Bridging Business and Technology

High-quality Salesforce Administration is about more than technology. It takes in-depth business knowledge, excellent communication skills, and a strong sense of curiosity and accountability. These are the traits of experts who transform Salesforce from an everyday system into a game-changing business solution – and they are etched in every certified Admin working at Galvin Technologies.

Configuration Creators

Business isn’t one size fits all, and a CRM shouldn’t be either. Our Salesforce Admins execute custom configurations with ease from adding a simple data field to creating complex automated workflows.

Dedicated Detectives

Galvin Admins improve Salesforce functionality by uncovering inefficiencies. We dig into business requirements, find ways to fix processes, and figure out how to implement good ideas.

Trusted Advisors

Experienced Salesforce Admins know what works, what doesn’t, and when ideas make financial sense. Galvin clients benefit from recommendations that are well-researched and reliable.

Technology Teachers

User adoption is critical for Salesforce success. Our Administration approach includes new user onboardings, system trainings, and on-going coaching. We make sure everyone uses the system fully.

Extensions of the Team

We value client relationships. Whether our Admins provide full-time support, complete one project, or offer a few hours weekly, we see ourselves as part of the team. This means we learn the business first, then focus on finding solutions.

Students of Salesforce

Our Admins consistently participate in training and certification programs. They stay current with new features and best practices for continuous Salesforce® improvement.

“Galvin has been a trusted and valuable partner, helping us manage our Salesforce and Marketing Cloud instances, including help desk, development, and upgrade support.  5 out 5 Stars!”

–Cody, Convergint

The Admin Advantage

Our team of certified, senior-level Salesforce Admins combine years of Salesforce acumen with real-world business experience. Our mission is simple: ensure clients take full advantage of their Salesforce implementation.

Our Salesforce Administration Service Expertise

Business Process Design
Reports & Dashboards
Stakeholder Engagement
Data Management
Automated Workflows
Email Integration
Custom Objects & Solutions
Data Migration
Budget & Project Management
User Training & Enablement
System Configuration
3rd-party AppExchange Installations
Security Supervision
Validation Rules

Galvin Changes Ideas into Innovations

If you can think it, we can build it. From processing real-time financial quotes worth millions to saving thousands of hours in apparel order processing. Connecting communities of people across the world to improving internal communication with a global workforce. We turn what-ifs into what’s next.

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Galvin Keeps Salesforce Working for Your Business

Whatever you want the future to look like, our Salesforce® Admins can help you get there. We deliver solutions within any budget or deadline. Spend less time dealing with Salesforce® and more time closing deals.

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