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Galvin Technologies provides personalized, professional cloud consulting services to adapt to your specific business needs. With certifications in all Salesforce products and Pardot lead cultivation, we are committed to servicing all ends of the CRM spectrum. We are proud to offer our services through the industry’s best consultants: with a focus on consistently delivering results with unyielding expertise.


Meet our (beloved) TRUE pup; neither just a dog or just a logo—TRUE represents our Galvin mission, vision and overarching mantra.

TRUE epitomizes loyalty, dedication, problem solving and energy; instinctively tenacious, perceptive and takes pride in pack prosperity over personal gain. At Galvin, we all strive to embrace the TRUE mantra in all do—while surrounding ourselves with like-minded colleagues and clients alike.

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Our business model is simple—we are unyielding in our pursuit of unmatched expertise in all things Salesforce, Pardot and Cloud consultation. As your trusted partner, we continuously invest in comprehensive ongoing education and professional development, so we can continuously bring you cutting-edge, efficient and effective customizable solutions.

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Gary Galvin

Gary Galvin


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Joe Faires

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