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Pardot helps companies create simpler, smarter marketing automation that both sales and marketing teams love. That’s because the platform understands that all leads are not created equal. Pardot enables marketing teams to generate more leads through personalized content and buyer journeys. But only likely-to-buy prospects make their way to sales. This way marketing focuses on nurturing potential customers while sales concentrates on closing deals. Plus, Pardot’s real-time performance data allows for quick campaign pivots to make the most of every marketing dollar. Pardot on Salesforce is the intelligent way to manage your marketing.

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Get Personal with Prospects

 Collect customer data across interactions with lead capture forms and progressive profiling

 Build personalized campaign journeys based on prospect interactions

 Create customized emails and landing pages with targeted offers

“The team from Galvin did an excellent job in navigating us through the process to stand up our Salesforce platform. We are already seeing some excellent results by having so much of our data in one place.”

–John, Nonprofit

“Galvin has been amazing to work with! The problem solving and continuing to listen to our team and get Salesforce tailored to our needs has been outstanding

–Katie, Financial Services

Boost Sales Productivity

 Automate emails, campaign transfers, and lead assignments to drive sales

 Prioritize leads likely to become customers with intelligent scoring

 Alert sales in real time as customers engage with marketing campaigns

Direct Dollars with Data

 Decide what content works best at every stage of the sales funnel through dynamic dashboards

 Understand the origins of high-quality leads with instant data insights

 Analyze the ROI of sales and marketing efforts using multi-touch attribution reporting

“The Galvin team built a cost-effective, customized solution perfect for our present needs and future goals.”

Brian Parker

Our Process

We leverage years of experience and in-depth technical know-how to solve complex business problems. For companies new to Salesforce® or those using it for years, our consulting process focuses on solutions that accelerate progress.





Take Your Marketing Up a Notch with Galvin

Nearly 80% of all leads end up falling through the cracks. Why? Because they are not qualified, prioritized, or truly engaged in the buying process. Pardot helps marketing teams find, funnel, and foster high-quality leads that turn into sales. At Galvin Technologies, we create Pardot professionals. From the first click to the closed deal, our full-service approach ensures the platform drives results by:

Is Pardot the Perfect Fit?

Looking for higher conversion rates and a more deliberate marketing spend? Join the growing ranks of Pardot users seeing double-digit sales revenue and marketing effectiveness increases. Galvin Technologies can help you get there.

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Sales executives know what gets measured gets managed. Learn how to configure Salesforce to get performance insights for evaluating sales teams.

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