Salesforce for Professional Services
Salesforce for Professional Services

Align the right people to the right projects to deliver the right results to every client—every time.


People, projects, and profits—oh my!

The world of professional services is changing its definition of success. It’s no longer about simply delivering a solution to a client by an agreed-upon date at an agreed-upon price. Now, success is about achieving and exceeding business outcomes to create profitable, long-term success for clients. Whether you’re a solo operation or a fully-staffed firm, you need tools that transform your organization from a team of expert problem-solvers to a team of trusted business partners.

At Galvin, we help professional service organizations create more value for their clients by leveraging the power of Salesforce. Deliver high-quality services with greater clarity, skill, and speed by empowering every part of your organization with reliable, real-time data. With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing automation, we will help you streamline your sales pipeline so you can consistently secure the right clients to drive more sustainable revenue to your organization.

Salesforce makes success possible for your clients and your business. With an automated, singular platform made to easily manage resources on projects, relationships with clients, and revenue over time, you can deliver results that truly last.

Galvin Technologies Salesforce Professional Services

Deliver lasting results—on time and under budget—with Salesforce

Salesforce Professional Services

Sharpen your strategy with real-time visibility

Salesforce organizes all data from across your organization into a single platform. By centralizing sales, marketing, and other business data, you can remove silos and create full transparency into client relationships, service delivery, and more. With Galvin’s trusted expertise, your organization will be fueled with the right data so teams can communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge more effectively.

Attract and acquire your ideal clients

Stop chasing cold leads and start engaging with qualified ones. With marketing automation capabilities powered by Salesforce Pardot, you can optimize your sales funnel to find, target, and win new clients with greater ease—and at less cost. Galvin helps your sales and marketing teams streamline their process so every opportunity is uniquely captured, qualified, and nurtured in Salesforce.

Keep the pipeline full and flowing with flawless forecasting

With access to real-time reporting and insights driven by artificial intelligence, you can eliminate the pain of revenue forecasting once and for all. Salesforce allows you to accurately track and project revenue based on upcoming clients, projects, and more in just a few clicks. Galvin helps you boost your pipeline’s performance by aligning your sales team to a streamlined, results-driven sales process—all within a single platform.

Automate to accelerate your competitive advantage

Salesforce turns any time-wasting process into a highly-efficient workflow, allowing you to streamline every aspect of your business to keep it running as smoothly as possible. With more time and money on your side, you can focus on activities that generate the greatest return for your business, and the most value for your clients.

Salesforce Workflows
Salesforce Capacity Planning and Utilization

Maximize capacity with greater accuracy

Say goodbye to resource planning spreadsheets! With the Salesforce platform, you can keep an up-to-the-minute pulse on every project to make sure no client, task, or deliverable gets left behind. Likewise, you can utilize real-time data in Salesforce to plan the right resources to the right projects, allowing you to make the most out of every available asset, every time.

How Galvin gave ADVISA hours back every month by automating 300+ renewals with Salesforce

Tracking revenue is vital to every business—especially when it comes to predicting potential income from annual renewals. Learn how Galvin helped the finance team at ADVISA Management Consulting reduce hours spent tracking, predicting, and securing future business by seamlessly automating their key process for measuring renewable dollars with the Salesforce platform.

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Add more value with Salesforce. Multiply your profit margins with Galvin’s help.

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