Project Description

Automation Gave Advisa Hours Back Every Month

Galvin worked with Advisa to automate key parts of its sales workflow. The company’s finance team no longer needs to manually handle 300 renewal opportunities per year.

Salesforce Products Used by Advisa

The Challenge

Salesforce continues to be the solution for many small businesses. With Salesforce workflows and automation features companies are able to automate key parts of its sales and operations workflow. ADVISA’s had a challenge tracking and predicting their renewable business from their 300+ clients. While they used Salesforce to track and close new business each year, these renewable dollars were hidden in QuickBooks memorized transactions and only visible to the finance team. ADVISA leadership needed an automated way to track, predict and make visible these important annual renewals.

ADVISA is a management consulting firm dedicated to empowering leaders so they can engage with their people effectively, hire great talent, develop their workforce to become future leaders and grow organizations.

How Galvin Helped

When Advisa started out as Galvin’s client, its first request was to find a way to streamline and track the annual renewal process for their client. Galvin’s solution was to create a new opportunity when it was time to renew each year, with a focus on automating as much of the process as possible. By adding a new checkbox on the Account record based on the Next Renewal date, it devised a process builder that automatically creates the opportunity. Once complete, the checkbox unchecks itself and updates the renewal date for the upcoming year. Now, the only step the finance team needs to take is to add the requested products and automatically sync (using DBsync) the opportunity with the invoice in QuickBooks. Once the client pays for the renewal, the payment amount syncs back to the opportunity and the process is ready to work again next year.

The sales rep, finance team and upper management can now track and predict these annual renewals within Salesforce. Prior to this solution, tracking renewals was a manual process using memorized transactions in Quickbooks, which kept this information from the leaders at ADVISA.  This is a significant change from the steps they previously had to take every time their customers hit the annual renewal.

The Results

ADVISA no longer needs to manually handle 300+ annual renewals per year in QuickBooks. The finance team got back several hours per month and leadership now has greater visibility into a critical part of the business.

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