Salesforce for Financial Services
Salesforce for Financial Services

Become your customers’ trusted financial wellness partner by delivering unparalleled insurance, wealth management, and banking services


Customers are your greatest asset—and they’re demanding more from their banking experience.

According to a recent study, 36% of customers purchase products or services from their primary bank’s competitors. With higher expectations and more choices, customers are making their demands clear: their loyalty must be earned. For banks and financial institutions, this means the current model of siloed services—including insurance, wealth management, and banking—is no longer working. Now, your competitive advantage is your ability to deliver a seamless experience.

At Galvin, we help banks and financial institutions integrate sales, service, and marketing to connect with customers in a new way. By leveraging the power of Salesforce, we help you sell more products and deliver more services perfectly tailored to your customers’ financial needs and goals. Likewise, we help you navigate complex regulations, automate paper-laden processes, and connect with core banking systems to streamline operations.

With over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, we know how to truly transform the banking experience into one that earns customer loyalty for life.

Salesforce for Financial Services

Tap into a wealth of opportunities with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Leverage rich data to earn customer loyalty

Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of customers, allowing you to understand their needs and how to best serve them. With customizable views, you can organize how data is displayed to ensure teams collaborate seamlessly around the customer and take action quickly on real-time insights. By delivering service that is smart, personalized, and responsive, you will win over more customers—and keep them for life.

Financial Services Sales Pipeline

Fill your pipeline by selling smarter

Take the guesswork out of prospecting and forecasting by moving your sales process to Salesforce. With access to real-time reporting and insights powered by artificial intelligence, sales teams can identify, accelerate, and close more opportunities. With Galvin’s help, you can align your sales process across your entire organization to ensure every sales team, regardless of location, can harness the full power of Salesforce.

Salesforce Ninetex DocuSign Conga

Break free from legacy document processes

Salesforce digitizes key business processes, allowing you to meet regulatory compliance requirements and eliminate any inefficiencies caused by manual paperwork. Galvin helps you integrate document generation tools with Salesforce to automate document-driven processes, such as origination and onboarding, to streamline services to customers.

Salesforce Financial Services Analytics

Increase productivity with intelligent insights

With accurate data and actionable insights available at your fingertips, everyone from bank tellers to wealth management advisors is empowered to focus on what’s most important with Salesforce. Powerful analytics can reveal top-priority items and actions, enabling teams to drive results more quickly.

Salesforce CRM Banking

Elevate the digital banking experience

Salesforce connects every digital touchpoint of your bank or financial institution, capturing full visibility into your greatest asset: your customers. With Galvin’s help, you will meet tomorrow’s growing demands by implementing agile, automated, and all-powerful solutions that revolutionize how you deliver financial services.

“When we selected Salesforce, we knew we needed to work with a partner that could effectively integrate Salesforce with our wealth management system—an integration that had many complexities to it. The partnership we formed with Galvin Technologies has allowed us to meet our goals.”

— Michael Joyce, President at First Merchants Bank

How Galvin streamlined the customer onboarding experience at First Business with the Salesforce platform

The onboarding experience for new customers at First Business was not only slowed down by inefficient processes, but dependent on loads of paperwork. With Galvin’s help and expertise, the customer onboarding experience is now 33% faster, and paperless! Learn how Galvin helped this Midwest bank deliver banking beyond expectations with the powerful Salesforce platform.

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Salesforce Banking

Invest in your customers with Salesforce. Reap the rewards with Galvin’s help.

Our team of certified Salesforce consultants will help you get started. Complete the form below to learn how Salesforce can help your financial institution or bank deliver sophisticated services, deepen customer relationships, and drive lasting growth.

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