Salesforce for Higher Education
Salesforce for Higher Education

Achieve your mission of helping every student succeed by supporting the journey from application to graduation


Education is in a transformation.

With the rise of social and mobile technology, more colleges and universities are beginning to  understand the value of staying connected in order to stay ahead. From applicants to alumni, everyone is on their own journey to success through education— and it’s up to you to guide them at any stage.

At Galvin, we help higher education institutions illuminate the path for students by elevating the academic experience on social media, smart devices, and more with Salesforce. By centralizing information across your entire campus into a single platform, we help you unlock a full view into every student’s journey, allowing you to connect with them at the right time from anywhere. Likewise, we can empower everyone at your institution, from admissions to advancement, to serve and support the success of every student.

With over 15 years of experience in the higher education industry, we understand no two student journeys are the same. We will help you lead any kind of student in the right direction with custom solutions from Salesforce.

Drive student success by connecting your campus with Salesforce

Unite your institution for greater impact

Salesforce brings together data from every social, mobile, and digital touchpoint to provide a real-time, 360-degree view of your institution. From prospect to postgraduate, you can track the entire lifecycle of every student, leaving no interaction or opportunity behind. Galvin will help you craft a journey of higher education that your staff can fully support and more importantly, that your students can successfully navigate.

Salesforce Campus Recruiting

Reach and recruit the right students

Match more students to your institution by transforming your recruitment process with Salesforce. With all your prospective student and application data in one place, you can focus less on the admin and more on the applicant. Galvin will help you leverage intelligent insights and powerful analytics to identify, connect with, and enroll more qualified students all within the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Campus Recruiting

Boost engagement with personalized experiences

Salesforce provides a complete profile view of every student, allowing you to customize every interaction around their needs, interests, and behaviors. By putting the student at the center of your institution, you can inspire more meaningful connection that delivers results and drives retention. With Galvin’s help, you can tailor every touchpoint to truly transform how you serve and support the success of your students.

Raise the lifetime value of donors and alumni

Secure the support your institution needs to advance its mission  with Salesforce. With comprehensive insights and analytics powered by artificial intelligence, you can drive more donations by finding, targeting, and engaging with the right graduates at the right time. Likewise, Galvin helps you streamline, personalize, and optimize your donation cycle so you can turn every dollar into a donor for life.

Create a community of collaboration

Salesforce facilitates seamless communication across your entire campus, empowering every department to work together to help every student succeed. With internal tools to spark efficient teamwork and external resources to build supportive communities, the Salesforce platform helps you capture, curate, and share information to students, faculty, and staff from anywhere at any time.

“This was our best year with the grants. The solution that Galvin built on the Salesforce platform worked seamlessly. I couldn’t have imagined a better experience.”

— Callie Smith, Christian Theological Seminary

Galvin Develops a Grant Management System 75% Faster Using Salesforce

Custom application development doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming anymore. Galvin delivers a grant management system to Christian Theological Seminary 75% faster on the Salesforce platform.

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Recruit your school to Salesforce. Graduate summa cum laude with Galvin’s help.

Our team of certified Salesforce consultants will help you get started. Complete the form below to learn how we can center your institution around the success of every student with the smart, seamless, and supportive Salesforce platform.

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