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Are You Getting the Most Out of Marketing Automation & Pardot?

Estimates show that Americans see between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements every day, but only about 100 of them leave an impression. Those are not great odds. Today’s companies need hyper-personalized marketing to stand out. Galvin Technologies is all about making marketing meaningful. Whether a company is new to marketing automation or wants to go beyond the basics of Pardot, our Consulting and Strategy team help businesses take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities. We turn our clients’ marketing from inbox clutter into influential campaigns.

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We Find What’s Working and What Needs Work

Our approach to Pardot sets us apart. Galvin Technologies prioritizes sales strategies  first and aligns marketing automation with those needs second. We start our Pardot Consulting and Strategy process with two important questions:

Do you have a complex sales cycle requiring multiple touch-points and time to close the deal?

Do you sell a complex product or service that needs explanation?

“Galvin has helped our firm customize and make tweaks to our Salesforce system for the past two years. They have been extremely responsive to our request and helped us make changes that allow our firm to maximize the software.”

Rick Maldonado

The answers help us understand existing sales strategy and how marketing automation can make a difference. We then take a deep dive into the metrics that matter to identify business goals. Those aspirations guide how we implement and enhance Pardot. Then we work with clients to leverage every feature. Our team even helps creatively with design and content. Ours is a full-service approach that fast tracks marketing improvements.

Pardot Consulting & Strategy Expertise

Account-Based Marketing

Audience Segmentation

Lead Scoring

Drip Campaigns

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Content Creation

System Enhancements & Release Management

Campaign Design

Lead Nurturing

Dynamic Content Creation

Smart Forms

Organic & Paid Search

Social Posting & Profiling

Email Deliverability

Salesforce Integration

Campaign Insights

Post-Implementation Training

Galvin Helps Clients Master Marketing Automation

Many clients want to implement marketing automation or want to use Pardot for more than one-off emails. But barriers of time, skills, and resources get in the way. The Galvin Technologies team removes those hurdles. Our certified Pardot Consultants, who also are seasoned marketers, help companies think like customers. We go way beyond system set-up to truly help companies transform the way they think about marketing.

Go Beyond the Basics with Galvin

Ready to move your marketing from 1 in 10,000 to top 100 memorable? Find out why clients choose Galvin Technologies for helping their companies achieve peak performance with Pardot.

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