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Propel Sales & Marketing with Pardot Managed Services

Ideas. Imagination. Ingenuity. Every business has them but putting them to work…not so easy. That’s where Galvin Technologies comes in. We become an extension of the team to turn emails into engagements and concepts into campaigns. Sure, we know Pardot and how to get it to perform. But we also know sales and marketing strategies and how to make them meaningful. With Pardot Managed Services, businesses get expert sales and marketing consulting along with technical and creative support – when, where, and how they need it most.

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Continuous Strategy and Support

Pardot expands the possibilities of marketing. Pardot Managed Services expands the potential of marketing teams. Our certified specialists transform everyday marketing campaigns into enterprise money-makers through Pardot.

A Managed Services package is perfect for companies that:

  • Own a backlog of Pardot projects that exceed their team’s workload capacity
  • Prefer long-term partners and reliable relationships at reduced rates for Pardot assistance
  • Want to outsource ongoing support and training as they grow their business
  • Need creative support from experienced marketers to improve campaign performance

“Working with Galvin Technologies to implement Salesforce Experience Cloud has improved every facet of our organization.”


Galvin Technologies Managed Services


We maintain Pardot and ensure the platform functions well


We identify real business needs and turn them into technical requirements


We integrate Pardot and Salesforce seamlessly for marketing and sales alignment


Platform and process audits present improvement opportunities that we prioritize based on revenue impact


Work requests are vetted in advance to ensure they represent the best solution


We focus on the projects that matter most within a budget that works for the client

A Team of Creative Counterparts

Galvin’s Managed Services clients have access to our entire team of specialists. Whether businesses use us for one project or a full year, we make the most of that time to deliver on every project’s goals.

Marketing & Business Planning

Projections, Forecasting & Reporting

Staff Augmentation

Creative Design

Strategic Campaign Launches & Execution

Pardot & Salesforce Administration

Content Creation

System Enhancements & Release Management

Campaign Design

App Installations

Digital Marketing & Social Networking

Performance Audits

Managed Services Packages

Block of Hours

Client purchases a defined block of hours.

Ideal for:

  • Companies requiring small bursts of support for various initiatives

Most Popular

Tiered Service Level Agreement

Client commits to a minimum number of hours. Rates decrease as more hours are consumed.

Ideal for:

  • Companies launching large projects and/or managing a significant project load.
  • Businesses needing more than 10 hours/month
  • Ongoing Pardot support
  • Teams seeking continuous training

General Support

Client buys hours as needed. Time is estimated and approved before work begins.

Ideal for:

  • Companies wanting on-demand support as needs arise

Everything We Do Revolves Around TRUE

Clients select Galvin Technologies because of our commitment to their ongoing success. Our people, and the partnerships they build with customers, make all the difference.





We are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals. Implementing Salesforce and Pardot is a means, not the end. Galvin’s holistic approach to technology enablement creates long-term business vision and user value that drives growth. Our five-star service rating and customer testimonials let us know our commitment to TRUE creates client results.

Who we are: Loyal, dedicated, energetic, problem-solvers
How we operate: Instinctively tenacious and deeply perceptive
What we value: Pack prosperity over personal gain
Our business model: Unyielding in a pursuit of unmatched expertise in all things Salesforce, Pardot, and Cloud consultation

Let Galvin Leave a Mark on Your Marketing

The need for high-performance marketing never stops. With Pardot Managed Services, clients gain access to a full complement of services provided by certified Pardot and Salesforce specialists with real-world marketing and sales experience. Galvin Technologies creates great marketing – and even better marketers.

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