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Transforming Marketers into Revenue-Generating Masters

The team is pumping out marketing pieces. They look good and sound great. But are they really generating revenue? Marketing should create demand, not consume dollars without measurable results. Pardot connects every marketing effort directly to ROI. Galvin Technologies makes sure that investment exceeds expectations. We start by understanding the sales process and then introduce Pardot marketing automation strategies that increase leads, nurture opportunities, and grow business relationships. Our holistic approach to Pardot implementations works toward one important goal: revenue optimization.

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Putting Pardot into Practice

We don’t see Pardot implementation as a singular project, but rather as one part of a strategic process. Our Pardot Consultants start with a conversation and continue with ongoing coaching long after the system is launched. The result: highly trained staff creating data-driven marketing for swifter, smarter sales.

“We had a great experience with Galvin Tech under a tight timeline. We are very impressed and excited to work with them on future development.”

–Christie, Smithville Fiber

Pardot Implementation Process

Consulting & Advisory

Our Pardot Consulting team engages in a discovery process with marketing and sales to identify goals and areas for improvement. We provide strategy recommendations and plan Pardot’s setup around those business needs.

Setup & Integration

We begin the technical setup by integrating Pardot and Salesforce. Workflows, layouts, and permissions are configured to specific business requirements. We then establish automations and triggers to eliminate repetitive tasks.

Data Migration

Data structure is established followed by a database cleaning and import. We advise clients on how to maintain legal compliance and manage their database.

Automation & Asset Creation

Galvin gets creative by helping build key digital assets like newsletter and email templates, forms, and landing pages. We help build the first campaign using Engagement Studio so teams can start seeing immediate results.

Training & Adoption

In one-on-one or classroom sessions, our Pardot professionals train staff on how to navigate the platform, build campaigns, and use data insights for decision-making.

Post-Implementation Support

Once teams master the basics, we help them become experts with ongoing support on advanced marketing strategy, additional software integrations, and artificial intelligence.

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“Galvin was able to expertly design and tailor a CRM solution to our non-profit use cases and needs. If you’re looking for a partner that welcomes productive dialogue and actively listens to your needs, look no further.”

–John, The Steve Fund

Salesforce and Pardot: The Perfect Pair

The Galvin Technologies team understands the ins and outs of Pardot and how to make the platform work seamlessly with Salesforce. Our deep knowledge and experience with Salesforce architecture places us a step above other firms when it comes to Pardot implementation. We know how to deliver a unified experience that truly aligns sales and marketing.

Blending Technical with Tactical

Marketing is a mix of art and science. Galvin combines proven marketing practices with a best-in-class platform for effective implementations that impact revenue. Sure, our Pardot Certified professionals know the technology. More importantly, they understand sales and marketing. That makes all the difference in how we work and the results our clients achieve.

We Make Your Marketing Our Business

For us, Pardot isn’t just a platform, it is a passion. We love implementing marketing automation and helping it drive next-level sales success. See why clients come to Galvin to make every email, form, and webpage click count.

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