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Your Business Deserves Salesforce Implementation Ingenuity.

Implementing Salesforce is a journey of business transformation. Like climbing Mt. Everest, making it to the summit takes planning, patience, and skill. It’s also not a trip taken alone, which is why experienced guides are so important. With hundreds of successful Salesforce implementations performed by our senior consultants, we know how to take a business from “base camp” to “peak” performance with Salesforce. Galvin provides a unique implementation pathway based on each client’s needs, but the result is always the same – every organization reaching new heights.

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Extensive Implementation Expertise

The Galvin Technologies team are Salesforce implementation experts.

Galvin as Your Guide

Salesforce implementation is not one size fits all. Every business is different and so is their process for adopting Salesforce. We design a unique implementation roadmap tailored to meet business objectives on time and on budget. Our team approaches implementation with strategic milestones in mind.

1. Consulting & Advisory

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2. Setup & Integration

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3. Data Migration

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4. Training & Adoption

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5. Launch

6. Post-Implementation Support

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“Galvin has provided an abundance of time and experience to each of our projects. They are easy to work with and we could not be happier we chose to use them on all of our Salesforce needs.”

–Ari, Hope is Alive

Get Salesforce Back in Shape

Not all companies are new to Salesforce. Some just need to optimize the CRM. We conduct a performance assessment looking for outdated functionality, underutilized automations, and workflows wasting time. Our team finds areas of improvement, creates a work plan, and overhauls how the company uses Salesforce. Galvin delivers new efficiencies and visibilities that boost user adoption and business results.

Blending Technical with Tactical

Many companies offer Salesforce implementation services. We know Salesforce as well as or better than all of them. But that’s not why clients across the country choose us. The Galvin Advantage is our focus on becoming a true partner – one that understands your company, recognizes business needs, and executes on a vision to move your organization forward.

When selecting Galvin Technologies to align operations, sales, and service, clients receive:

  • Detailed Scope of Work
  • Dedicated Senior Salesforce Consultants Leading Implementation
  • Best Practice Guidance & Usage Recommendations
  • Transparent Budget
  • Consistent Communication & Status Updates
  • In-Depth User Training & Adoption Support

Galvin Changes Ideas into Innovations

If you can think it, we can build it. From processing real-time financial quotes worth millions to saving thousands of hours in apparel order processing. Connecting communities of people across the world to improving internal communication with a global workforce. We turn what-ifs into what’s next.

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Ready to transform your business results? Reach out to Galvin and get started on the Salesforce implementation journey. We do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the view from the top.

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