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Technology is rapidly changing the world—and it’s only accelerating. For many organizations in the enterprise, growth simply isn’t keeping up. Between legacy systems, outdated architecture, and inefficient business processes, there is a massive cost to platform transformation. At Galvin, we believe the only (and most cost-effective) way to evolve is with your customers. And how do you do that? By putting them at the center of your enterprise with Salesforce.

With over 15 years of experience in helping large organizations achieve sustainable growth, we help yours do the same by transforming not only how you work, but how you do business. By streamlining business processes and creating real-time visibility into operational performance, your enterprise will run more effectively and efficiently so every role, team, and department is empowered to make results happen faster. And by connecting your organization’s data with the world’s leading cloud-based CRM platform, we help you unlock intelligent insights into your customers, company, and competition so you deliver the right products and services to the right customers, every time.

Galvin helps your organization truly outpace the competition with the only world-class, customer-centric platform built for  enterprises.

Elevate your enterprise to the next level with Salesforce

Salesforce Enterprise Dashboard

Transform big data into massive results

Salesforce centralizes data from sales, marketing, and customer service to create real-time visibility into the state of your enterprise—all within one platform. With powerful analytics driven by artificial intelligence, you can unlock actionable insights into people, profits, and performance to empower everyone across your organization to work smarter, together. Galvin helps you make substantial strides in the enterprise by connecting your organization with Salesforce.

Put customers at the center of your strategy

Sharpen your competitive edge by bringing your customers into focus with Salesforce. With a 360-degree view of every customer at your fingertips, you can unlock advanced insights to engage with customers more deeply, understand their needs more intently, and exceed their expectations more easily. Galvin helps you personalize interactions across every touchpoint, channel, and device to maximize customer satisfaction and repeatedly earn customer loyalty.

Master the sales cycle to drive sustainable growth

Build long-term value for your enterprise by moving every step of the sales process within Salesforce. With access to real-time insights powered by artificial intelligence, sales teams can take smarter action faster to deepen customer relationships, accelerate sales cycles, and close more deals. Galvin aligns your sales process across your entire organization so everyone—sales, marketing, customer service, and more—can deliver the right solution to every customer, every time.

Salesforce Flows

Maximize profitability by optimizing productivity

Salesforce keeps a steady pulse on the health of your enterprise. With up-to-the-minute visibility into operational performance, you can quickly turn insights into action to increase the efficiency of your workforce and decrease costs to keep it running. Galvin helps you automate business processes, streamline organizational communications, and spark cross-team collaboration—all from within the Salesforce platform.

Galvin Process Builder

Operate at scale with powerful technology

Adapt your enterprise to the future and beyond with an innovative, cloud-based platform that exceeds all your security, agility, and scalability needs. From AI (artificial intelligence) to IoT (Internet of Things), Salesforce leverages tomorrow’s technology so you can stay competitive, deliver continuous value, and better serve your customers. Galvin helps your enterprise thrive with deeply customizable solutions, seamless system integration, third-party app installation, and more.

Achieve greater outcomes with dedicated services

Bring any Salesforce solution to life with greater speed and efficiency by partnering with a trusted team of certified Salesforce consultants, admins, and developers. Galvin helps your organization retain the resources and knowledge it needs to get the most out of the Salesforce platform by providing flexible staff augmentation and managed services models. With Galvin’s expertise on your side, you can deliver solutions that drive real business results on time, every time.

Galvin is thorough, informative, helps us evaluate complex business processes, and pleasant to work alongside. I have learned so much from partnering with them.

–Katie, Financial Services

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Revive your enterprise with Salesforce. Thrive to new heights with Galvin’s help.

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