Salesforce for Small Business

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Growth begins with the customer

For most small business owners, growth is the top priority— but it’s also the greatest challenge. With limited resources, fixed budgets, and never enough time, there is simply no room for error or experimentation to figure out what works to drive real growth. At Galvin, we believe the key to unlocking long-term success is through your customers and with automation.

With over 15 years of experience in helping small businesses grow, we help you connect with your truest sources of revenue by harnessing the full power of the Salesforce platform. By consolidating your most important data into a single application, we can help you gain full visibility into every customer so you can find, keep, and win more of them. And with tools to tailor every touchpoint, you can deliver the right experience at the right time, every time.

With Salesforce, we also help you eliminate any inefficiencies by automating workflow. By improving how your business runs, you can invest more into what moves your business forward. Salesforce optimizes your small business for success— and with one platform to manage it all, you can truly transform how you market, sell, and serve your customers.

Supercharge your small business with Salesforce

Align purpose, processes, and people

Salesforce connects all your important data from marketing, sales, customer service, and more into one platform, giving you a real-time, 360-view into how your business, people, and profits are performing. With Galvin’s trusted expertise, you can secure long-term profitability and sustainability by transforming not only how you do business, but how you connect with your greatest source of success: your customers.

Raise marketing ROI with less resources

Maximize every dollar in your marketing budget with simple yet powerful lead generation and marketing automation tools. With Salesforce Pardot, you can build highly personalized and polished landing pages, forms, and emails to target, capture, and route qualified leads more quickly— without ever needing to know a line of code. Galvin can help you focus your efforts on the right marketing channels so you can keep your pipeline full and flowing.

Turn more qualified leads into recurring revenue

Salesforce collects interactions from every opportunity in your sales pipeline— all within a single platform, without a single spreadsheet. With access to real-time insights powered by artificial intelligence, sales reps can take smarter action to close more deals, win new customers, and drive repeat sales. Galvin helps your sales team unlock the full power Salesforce to ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks of your pipeline.

Support your customers and their success

Keep customers happy— and keep them coming back by responding to their needs, issues, and requests more quickly, accurately, and consistently with easy-to-use Salesforce customer service tools. With Galvin’s help, you can equip those closest to your customers with the information and insights they need to provide the right service and support from anywhere at anytime.

Boost productivity with integrated apps

With Salesforce, you can run your business with greater efficiency by automating your most essential business processes. Galvin helps you seamlessly connect all your favorite productivity apps like G Suite, Slack, DocuSign, and more so you can communicate, collaborate, and manage every part of your small business without ever needing to leave Salesforce.

Galvin is an extension of our team, and I don’t know how I would do my job without their support. They listen to the needs of my team and work hard to create the best solution.

–Kelly, Healthcare & Life Sciences

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