Salesforce for Nonprofit

When you’re changing the world to create a brighter tomorrow, you deserve technology that’s built to serve, strengthen, and scale your mission.

At Galvin, we help nonprofits free themselves from organizational inefficiencies by leveraging the Salesforce platform.

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Achieve your mission with greater precision in Salesforce.

Unlock Nonprofit Data to Drive Lasting Impact

Salesforce connects and consolidates all data so you can manage constituents, donations, and programs more effectively—all from a centralized platform. With a real-time, 360-view of your organization, Salesforce gives you actionable, data-driven insights into marketing, fundraising, and program development so you can drive your mission forward.

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Raise and Retain More Resources

Build a mission-driven community of donors, supporters, and volunteers by managing every interaction, from calls to transactions, inside of Salesforce. With Galvin’s help, you can lead every constituent through a successful journey, allowing your nonprofit to continually secure the support it needs to leave its mark on the world.

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Advance Nonprofit Awareness with Compelling Communications

Rally more support for your mission by communicating the right message at the right time with Salesforce Pardot. By tailoring communications to the needs of every constituent, your messages will resonate more deeply—turning more people into lifelong advocates of your mission.

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Show the Impact of Your Mission in Real Time

Track and measure the results of your mission with powerful analytics and robust reporting tools in Salesforce. With access to real-time insights driven by artificial intelligence, you can sharpen the accuracy of your reporting and give constituents a clear-cut picture of their impact. Likewise, you can identify which programs, campaigns, and donors are driving growth so you make more impact at a lesser cost.

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Creating 360-Degree Constituent Visibility with Salesforce Communities

Alpha Kappa Psi makes membership more valuable through personalized digital experiences and streamlined connectivity with Salesforce.

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