Project Description

Nonprofit streamlines all operations by bringing all departments into Salesforce

Full team rallies around expanding programs offered to childcare providers and parents


Salesforce Products Used by NECC


Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative (NECC) is elevating early learning opportunities across Nebraska— creating strong, enduring relationships between parents and childcare providers, thanks to its uniquely bold and innovative strategy. NECC leads the field in its approach to developing community support, business resources, and educator trainings—and is committed to maintaining consistently high-quality care and education, but streamlining operations became a necessity to stay on track. That’s why they turned to Galvin Technologies.

The Challenge

For a nonprofit comprised of just 50 employees, inefficiencies in daily operations can create chaos.  Instead of working from a single, standardized program across the company, much of the staff at NECC would run different programs from one another. This prevented the team from maintaining clear records of interaction with childcare providers and tracking the progression of client outcomes.

The Solution

Galvin helped implement a company-wide Salesforce model allowing NECC to streamline its operations, standardize communications, and make Salesforce contact information accessible to all team members. By transitioning to Salesforce optimization software, NECC was able to monitor all client communications and track progress and outcomes.

After successfully administering Pardot, NECC gained the ability to automate more of the team’s routine communications. This helped build consistent branding and style for all communications, outreach, and drip campaigns to providers and parent ambassadors.

The Results

To guarantee continued positive outcomes for children and their care providers, NECC needed to streamline its communications interface. Thanks to Galvin Technologies and Salesforce optimization software, NECC was able to streamline its communications interface, improving operations, and able to focus on continuing to provide positive outcomes for children and childcare providers.

Staff Consistency – Rather than operating on several external systems, all the nonprofit’s staff are now using Salesforce. This enables NECC to deliver consistently branded communications to those who are interacting with and interested in receiving them.

Streamlined Communications and Operations – Communications with clients are easily accessible to all team members, ensuring aligned and streamlined discussions.

Efficiency – Project tracking for the finance team is now centrally housed and can be easily updated with automation to allow for a quick update into the next year for annual repeating tasks.

Let’s Talk

NECC was able to improve operations, allowing them to focus on providing positive outcomes for children and childcare providers thanks to Salesforce optimizations implemented by Galvin Technologies.If your organization is looking for new possibilities to meet its purpose, reach out to Galvin. Our mission is to help companies achieve theirs.

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