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Strive towards your mission of helping every citizen thrive with powerful technology fit to serve all your security, compliance, and infrastructure needs.


Revolutionizing the public sector.

As technology transforms the private sector, it’s also changing the expectations of the average person. With the ability to access information from anywhere, connect with anyone, and get services at any time, people are demanding more from their experiences—and that includes their government.

At Galvin, we help government agencies, organizations, and contractors leverage new ways to serve their citizens and build a better future with the Salesforce platform. By moving your mission inside a single platform, you can manage the needs of every citizen and deliver services they expect, every time. And with tools to streamline business workflows and speed employee collaboration, you can  improve productivity to minimize government waste and improve responsiveness to maximize citizen satisfaction.

Salesforce helps you fulfill more of your mission—and with Galvin’s trusted expertise, you can bring it to fruition. Use the one platform built to govern it all: Salesforce is the only secure, compliant, and transparent solution built to serve the needs of the public sector.

Salesforce for Government

Better serve citizens by powering the government of the future through Salesforce

Salesforce CRM for Government

Elevate the citizen experience

Salesforce centralizes data across your agency or organization to provide 360-degree views of every citizen that uses your services. Utilizing real-time insights, you can deliver more responsive, engaging, and efficient experiences by empowering everyone involved in your mission to take smarter, faster action.  Galvin helps you meet and exceed the rising demands of tomorrow’s citizens through Salesforce.

Improve civic engagement in your community

Give every citizen a voice and make them feel heard by creating new ways for them to connect with their government. With Salesforce’s simple and easy-to-use 311 app, citizens can report important issues in their community without ever having to speak to an operator. Salesforce also allows you to meet citizens exactly where they are. From websites to social media, your organization can address civic matters from a single platform, without all the paperwork.

Boost efficiency across your organization or agency

Maximize every dollar in your fiscal budget by eliminating inefficiencies through Salesforce. With Galvin’s help, you can automate any workflow or process to streamline operations, improve productivity, and reduce waste. Likewise, we help your organization or agency work together more effectively to serve every citizen. With collaborative tools, smart insights, and integrated apps, Salesforce makes it easy to deliver results, every time.

Strengthen your mission with innovation

Break free from legacy systems to move your mission forward through Salesforce. This all-in-one, cloud-based platform is designed specifically for government agencies and organizations to  provide secure, compliant, and transparent solutions that meet all regulatory and compliance needs. Galvin helps you make the seamless transition to a modern, agile, and scalable system so you can build the government of tomorrow, today.

Deliver on your mission with Salesforce. Maximize impact with Galvin’s help.

Our team of certified Salesforce consultants will help you get started. Complete the form below to learn how we can help your government agency or organization better serve the needs of every citizen with the powerfully efficient Salesforce platform.

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