Salesforce for Marketing

Captivate every customer on their journey from ad to advocacy with a smarter marketing platform

Marketing: Matching the Perfect Client.

While magicians rely on tricks and illusions to captivate an audience, marketers must employ the right tactics at the right time to draw the right kind of attention. At Galvin, we help marketers bottle this magic and scale it to spellbinding heights with Salesforce.

With over 15 years of experience in leading high-growth marketing teams, we help you solve the customer acquisition puzzle once and for all by aligning your marketing and sales strategies with effective lead generation and marketing automation solutions. By connecting your data across marketing, sales, and customer service into Salesforce, your marketing team will access insights that allow them to craft smart, successful customer journeys.  With powerful personalization tools to tailor every touchpoint in Salesforce Pardot, we help your marketing team capture quality leads, cultivate customer relationships, and create real growth by delivering the right experiences at the right time, every time.

With Galvin’s help, your marketing team will transform into the ultimate lead generation machine and exceed every customer’s needs—all within the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce for Marketing

Make marketing magic happen with Salesforce

Crack the customer code with intelligent insights

Salesforce unifies your marketing, sales, and customer service data into a single platform, giving you a complete 360-degree view of every customer’s journey from lead to loyal customer. With real-time insights into customer needs, behaviors, and more, your marketing team can take smarter action faster to get close, and stay close, to every customer. Galvin will help you unlock the full power of the Salesforce platform to attract more leads, acquire new customers, and achieve revenue goals.

Drive more qualified customers to your funnel

Generate more buzz for your business by building customer experiences that capture, connect, and convert. With powerful lead generation and marketing automation tools in Salesforce Pardot, you can personalize every landing page, form, and email to create more meaningful connections with your target customers—without ever writing a single line of code. Galvin helps your marketing and sales teams work together to streamline the pipeline so every lead is quickly qualified, routed, and nurtured in Salesforce.

Optimize marketing campaigns for maximum ROI

Make the most of every dollar in your marketing budget by managing marketing campaigns with Salesforce. With access to predictive analytics and robust reporting tools, marketing teams can accurately track, measure, and visualize how every campaign impacts the pipeline and the bottom line—all in just a few clicks. Galvin helps you pinpoint sources of marketing success so you can focus on the right channels, deliver the right messages, and return the right results, every single time.

Build customer loyalty to boost profitability

By streamlining your data, Salesforce connects you with your greatest source of future revenue: your customers. With Galvin’s trusted expertise, you can attain a higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)  by consistently exceeding your customers’ expectations with highly personalized services, high-quality experiences, and more. Whether it’s marketing, sales, or customer service, Salesforce allows you to put your customers first, earning you repetitive, loyal business.

Spark cross-collaboration with integrated applications

Keep those closest to your customers aligned by integrating your favorite apps like Slack, G Suite, and Dropbox with Salesforce. By creating real-time visibility into customer acquisition and retention activities, your marketing, sales, and customer service teams can work smarter and faster together to help every customer succeed from anywhere, at any time. Likewise, Galvin helps you automate any task, workflow, or process within the platform to make marketing results happen faster.

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Pardot Content Checklist

Ensure your content is easy to read and valuable

Create compelling call-to-actions that inspire and generate qualified leads

Make sure every landing page, blog and email has all the necessary components


Conjure new customers with Salesforce. Craft long-lasting results with Galvin’s help.

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