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Power Up Sales Productivity.

Salesforce Sales Cloud uses customer data to drive deals forward. A 360-degree customer view aligns sales, marketing, and service throughout the customer’s journey. Customized workflows accelerate productivity – from anywhere, for anyone. Sales processes generated from unique customer insights helps teams move better business opportunities across the finish line faster.

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Leverage Customer Information

 Account and contact management tracks key connections, communication history, and internal discussions in one place

 Customer social feeds add deeper insights about products and services allowing sales teams to proactively offer solutions

 Social collaboration tools help teammates share data, documents, and support across business records

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“Working with Galvin Technologies to implement Salesforce Experience Cloud has improved every facet of our organization.”


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“Galvin was able to expertly design and tailor a CRM solution to our non-profit use cases and needs. If you’re looking for a partner that welcomes productive dialogue and actively listens to your needs, look no further.”

–John, The Steve Fund

Manage Lead Interactions

 Customer activity timelines detail competitors, deal progress, and next steps to close the sale

 Activity tracking and alerts notify account owners when action is needed so nothing gets missed

 Built-in email and quoting templates expedite customer communication with just a few clicks to close deals quicker

Generate In-Depth Customer Insights

 Customized Sales Paths keep the team on track with recommended next steps and documents generated from up-to-date account information

 Lead tracking identifies and prioritizes high-quality opportunities and creates action items for pipeline progress

 Native analytics software brings customized forecasts, team performance reports, and key metric indicators front and center

“The Galvin team built a cost-effective, customized solution perfect for our present needs and future goals.”

Brian Parker

Our Process

We leverage years of experience and in-depth technical know-how to solve complex business problems. For companies new to Salesforce® or those using it for years, our consulting process focuses on solutions that accelerate progress.





Galvin Technologies Helps
Companies Grow Sales

We built our business to transform how companies use Salesforce Sales Cloud. But our process isn’t just about deploying great solutions. As Salesforce Consultants, we learn about the business, track and measure your sales process, and identify unique needs. Our technical experts then configure the system to take your sales process to the next level. We don’t just implement; we help sales teams innovate with:

  • Configurations tailored to business processes, metrics , and culture
  • Integrations for connecting disparate systems
  • Centralized data powering actionable customer insights
  • Customized workflows reducing administrative work
  • Add-on components driving more intelligent sales efforts
  • Designed dashboards and reports aiding real-time decision making, coaching, and collaboration
  • Managed Services offering hands-on support and ongoing development

Let Galvin Unleash Your New Sales Strategy

Could your company benefit from less “same old sales process” and more “supercharged sales strategy”? Learn how Galvin Technologies and Sales Cloud helps businesses get more deals done.

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Effectively Measure Your Sales Team with Salesforce

Sales executives know what gets measured gets managed. Learn how to configure Salesforce to get performance insights for evaluating sales teams.

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