Salesforce for Executives

Set your workforce on the right course by powering your systems, services, and strategy with innovative and intelligent CRM technology

Achieve greater feats in your C-Suite.

Digital transformation: the two words that keep most leadership teams up at night. Technology is not only disrupting entire industries, but changing the expectations of tomorrow’s customers. If you don’t adapt your brand, products, and services to meet these rising demands, you will get left behind.

At Galvin, we help businesses of every size—small, mid-market, enterprise—embrace digital transformation with Salesforce, a fully-mobile, cloud-based platform centered around your customers. By connecting your marketing, sales, and customer service data into a single application, we help every team elevate the customer experience to drive engagement, deepen loyalty, and deliver results. We also help you achieve the growth of your dreams by supercharging your sales team for success with an optimized pipeline, process, and more. With Galvin’s support, you can harness automation, analytics, and apps to optimize operations across your organization for tomorrow.

With over 15 years of experience in helping businesses manage sustainable growth, we help yours scale into the future by putting performance, productivity, and profits all together within the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce for Executives

Lead your organization to success with Salesforce

Drive customer centricity for higher profitability

Find, acquire, and keep more customers by putting them at the center of your strategy with Salesforce. By connecting marketing, sales, and service to your greatest source of revenue, you can champion front-lines to put customers first in everything they do. With Salesforce, you can deliver unified and unparalleled customer experience by personalizing every touchpoint, channel, and device—and with Galvin’s help, you can optimize for loyalty to create more customers for life.

Transform sales teams into growth machines

Watch profits pour in by running your revenue engine in the cloud. With access to real-time reporting and AI-powered analytics in Salesforce, you can accurately track, measure, and forecast your financial future from anywhere, at any time—without a single spreadsheet. Galvin helps you generate top-line growth and reap long-term revenue by setting up every sales rep with a streamlined sales pipeline and standardized process—all within the Salesforce platform.

Attain alignment with intelligent insights

Salesforce centralizes data across your organization into one application, allowing you to keep a steady pulse on people, profits, and performance. With powerful analytics driven by artificial intelligence at your fingertips, you can tap into actionable insights to adapt your strategy in real-time and inspire real results, every time. And with Galvin’s trusted expertise, you can rally every team around your vision by anticipating appropriate actions that are accurately predicted by Salesforce.

Unlock innovation with platform transformation

Lead the competition with a connected, cloud-based platform that brings your people, processes, and products into the digital economy. From AI (artificial intelligence) to IoT (Internet of Things), Salesforce leverages tomorrow’s technology so you can equip every team with the tools they need to adapt faster, work smarter, and win together. Galvin helps your organization create greater customer value by integrating critical systems, custom solutions, and customer-facing services seamlessly through Salesforce.

Enhance employee engagement and efficiency

Keep teams committed to your mission by delivering a better employee experience with Salesforce. Galvin automates any task, workflow, or process so every team can get more done in less time. Thanks to customizable views and third-party apps, you can build the productivity platform of your dreams. With Galvin’s trusted expertise, you can turn ambition into action by streamlining communications, supporting co-creation, and sparking collaboration with the Salesforce platform.

Execute on your strategy with Salesforce. Make your vision a reality with Galvin’s help.

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