Salesforce for Information Technology

Exceed the needs of your customers and colleagues with the leading platform in mobility, security, and productivity

Lead the way to Information Transformation.

In today’s increasingly competitive and digital world, technology is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. IT teams are not only the backbone of many businesses, but now they are on the frontlines of developing business solutions and shaping the experiences of tomorrow’s customers and employees. At Galvin, we help IT teams build a more successful future for everyone with the smart, secure, and scalable Salesforce platform.

With over 15 years of experience in helping IT teams deliver innovative solutions that drive business results, we transform  systems, service, and security with the only customer-centric, cloud-based platform that connects your entire company. Salesforce consolidates all essential business data into a single, fully-mobile application, empowering everyone from sales, marketing, and customer service to work faster and smarter together—from anywhere, at any time. We help you maximize productivity across every part of your company with seamless systems and API integration, simple workflow automation, custom app development, and more.

By putting the right technology in place, you can drive greater results—and with Galvin’s help, you can drive a greater ROI, every time.

Salesforce for Information Technology

Deploy extraordinary results by aligning business and technology through Salesforce

Support operational excellence with better business intelligence

Salesforce connects business data across sales, marketing, and customer service seamlessly to give everyone across your company the resources to take action and truly succeed. . With Galvin’s trusted expertise, your IT team will harness big data and transform it into actionable insights so every role, team, and department is empowered to make meaningful results happen—all within the Salesforce platform.

Deliver superior experiences from one platform

Sharpen your company’s competitive edge by centering your IT strategy around the customer experience with Salesforce. With its innovative developer platform, you can extend the power of the CRM with out-of-the-box tools and easy-to-use services to help you build better business solutions for your company and every customer. Galvin will help your IT team utilize the Salesforce platform to deploy business apps quickly, integrate internal and external systems seamlessly, and migrate to the cloud more easily.

Assemble enterprise-ready apps at lightning speed

Allow anyone to turn great ideas into an app with Salesforce’s simple and easy-to-use Lightning App Builder. By leveraging a library of custom and off-the-shelf components, you can build stunning, secure, and scalable mobile applications in a matter of minutes—without ever having to write a single line of code. Galvin will help you unlock the full power of Salesforce so every department can develop smarter solutions to any business problem, faster.

Support productivity with customization and systems integration

Salesforce not only transforms how teams work together, but how business is run altogether. With Galvin’s help, you will maximize the efficiency of every employee by building a streamlined Salesforce experience that simplifies workflows, improves communication, and fosters collaboration. By integrating your company’s internal business systems (ERPs, accounting, and other legacy systems) and favorite productivity apps (Slack, Microsoft, G Suite, and Dropbox) with Salesforce, you can help everyone work better together from anywhere, at any time.

Secure and scale systems with smarter technology

Protect the foundation of your company with the most trusted CRM platform in the cloud. Salesforce secures all your important business data and mission-critical apps so you can manage compliance, risk, and governance programs at greater ease. And with integrated AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, your IT team can leverage tomorrow’s technology to better serve customers, deliver greater value, and move your company forward—all without ever leaving Salesforce.

Operate at scale with Salesforce. Build the business of tomorrow with Galvin’s help.

Our team of certified Salesforce consultants will help you get started. Complete the form below to learn how we can help your IT department stay ahead with a competitive edge by transforming your digital infrastructure with the one and only Salesforce platform.

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