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Business today is full of interlocking pieces. From on and offline marketing, sales strategies and social media platforms, to the sales people representing your brand at tradeshows, there is a lot that comes with balancing a sales funnel. But the ultimate combined goal is to create warm leads that eventually become sustainable profitability.  With Galvin’s Pardot Consulting & Implementation services your company will succeed with marketing automation. 

Pardot, the B2B marketing automation solution by Salesforce, does its part by giving you the ability to close the gaps in your sales funnel, no matter how or where customers enter your marketing spectrum.

With Galvin your company will work one-on-one with our Pardot experts.  We will provide Pardot admin, Pardot consulting and Pardot implementation strategy.

Comprehensive Pardot Consulting and Marketing Services

At Galvin, we want to give you the tools to not only streamline your day-to-day business operations, but how you successfully interact with your customers. Here are just a few of the services we currently offer:

  • Pardot Admin
  • Pardot Consultations and Strategies
  • Pardot Implementation and Advanced Training
  • Pardot Management Services
  • Digital Marketing and Social Networking
  • Business-to-Business Innovation
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Stop Losing Customers Along Your Sales Funnel

Technology today gives people the ability to search, shop, and purchase all from their smartphone or mobile device. That’s why you need to offer your customers a user-friendly, highly-engaging website that allows you to engage them in a two-way conversation that creates trust and loyalty.

By doing so, you can effectively capture more efficient and effective analytics regarding your customers’ wants, needs and desires. This gives your marketing and sales teams the opportunity to accelerate more effective leads through the sales funnel while increasing your overall business success.

Galvin’s sales intelligence solutions empowers your website by giving you the control to:

  • Obtain behavioral data on both anonymous visitors and visitors referred by inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Continually update your CRM to match user behavior with specific sales opportunities
  • Build a lead scoring system to differentiate casual browsers from prospects ready to purchase
  • Track links and search engine keywords and apply them to user behavior
  • Identify pain points and disposition and make adjustments
  • Alert your sales team or trigger an automated workflow in real time


Whether you have a Pardot-related question or looking for a company to partner with you then let’s talk.  Fill out the form below and one of our Pardot Admins & Consultants will follow up shortly.