Salesforce for Sales

Drive real revenue growth by accelerating the customer journey with the most powerful and productive sales platform

Always be customer-centric.

When you’re in sales, the goal is pretty simple: grow revenue. At Galvin, we turn sales teams into revenue engines by putting the right strategy, culture, and technology in place to support sales success.

With over 15 years of experience in building high-performing sales teams, we will help you define an results-driven sales process, cultivate a collaborative sales culture, and generate remarkable sales results — all with the Salesforce platform. By connecting all your data from sales, marketing, and customer service into a single application, your sales team can anticipate the needs of every customer to accelerate new opportunities, win more deals, and secure repeat business. With real-time visibility and advanced insights into every customer’s journey through the pipeline, we help your sales team sell smarter and faster from anywhere, at any time.

By leveraging the full power of the Salesforce platform, we help every sales rep shift their mindset from “how can I sell this?” to “how can I solve this?” With Galvin’s trusted expertise, your sales machine will achieve the revenue growth of your dreams.

Salesforce for Sales

Transform your sales team into the ultimate sales machine with Salesforce

Optimize your pipeline for maximum revenue

Move more money into your company by moving your sales process inside Salesforce. Galvin will help you streamline every step to ensure sales reps are keeping the pipeline full and flowing. With access to real-time analytics powered by artificial intelligence, sales teams can accurately track, forecast, and measure revenue so they can close the right deals at the right time, every time. And with Galvin’s help, your sales team will transform into a revenue engine—all from a single platform, without a single spreadsheet.

Configure, price, and quote deals faster

Shorten the time from quote to cash with integrated CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solutions in Salesforce. With streamlined quoting and automated billing tools, sales teams can generate complex quotes faster, deliver accurate proposals, and manage recurring payments—without ever having to leave the Salesforce platform. Galvin helps you maximize the margins by making the most important part of your sales process easy, efficient, and effortless with Salesforce.

Gain more customers and retain them for life

Salesforce consolidates all sales, marketing, and customer service data into one platform, giving your sales team a 360-degree of every customer’s journey from prospect to purchase. With intelligent and up-to-the-minute insights, sales reps can connect with customers on the right channel at the right time to deliver personalized experiences, every time. Galvin helps you win new customers, close more deals, and drive repeat sales by crafting a smarter sales journey with Salesforce.

Maximize selling time with streamlined operations

Run your revenue engine with greater efficiency by powering it with the one-and-only platform for sales productivity. Galvin helps you simplify, streamline, and standardize your sales process by automating any task or workflow inside Salesforce. By eliminating low-value busywork, you can give every sales rep more time to focus on high-value work. With Salesforce, you can truly elevate your sales team to a higher level of productivity and profitability.

Cultivate cross-team collaboration for sales success

Salesforce allows you to sell smarter by empowering those closest to your customers to work together. With seamless integration of your favorite productivity apps and real-time communication tools at your fingertips, you can inspire more teamwork across sales, marketing, and customer service. Galvin will align your sales team to a shared mission of customer success by fostering a culture of healthy competition, accountability, and performance transparency.

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7 Salesforce Dashboards You Need To Grow
and Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Understand the state of your sales pipeline from top to bottom

Plan the right sales activities so your team can focus on what’s important

Reveal missing data from accounts, leads, and opportunities

Keep sales rep accountable for sales activities


Build a revenue engine with Salesforce. Supercharge it for success with Galvin’s help.

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