7 Salesforce Dashboards You Need To Manage and Grow Your Sales Pipeline

7 Salesforce Dashboards You Need To Grow and Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Do you know the state of your sales pipeline?

If you’re unsure if there are enough incoming opportunities on any given day of the week, or if you’re just consistently missing the mark on forecasting, then there’s no better time to take control of your pipeline than now.

Thanks to the power of Salesforce Dashboards, it’s never been easier to take control. We’ve crafted this whitepaper to guide you and your sales team quickly through the process of setting up these 7 dashboards, which will reveal actionable insights into your sales efforts, activities, data quality, and much more. You’ll not only have a clear picture of your pipeline, but you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to do to crush those revenue goals.

With this whitepaper, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the state of your sales pipeline from top to bottom

  • Plan the right sales activities so your team can focus on what’s important

  • Reveal missing data from accounts, leads, and opportunities

  • Keep sales rep accountable for sales activities

Your sales pipeline will be filled, flowing, and under control in no time.

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