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Good Data Is Good Business

Every business wants to get the job done, even if it takes multiple systems doing the work. But when data is a company’s most valuable resource, integrated technology marks the minimum standard. Disconnected systems and data offer individual pieces of a complex business puzzle. Salesforce® connects those pieces from any source to paint a complete picture. This 360-degree view means companies have the right information, at the right time, right where they need it. The opportunity also takes the right partner: Galvin Technologies.

Consider Us Data Cartographers

Getting good data from point A to B takes skill and logic. Our Salesforce team understands how to make data connections that improve business. We quickly identify the best path, create the roadmap, and implement solutions that scale.

Discover Key Data

Deep conversations regarding business needs surface the data required to achieve those goals.

Explore the Sources

From simple CSV files to complex ERPs, all data sources are assembled and analyzed.

Map the Paths

Data logic and decision points get applied. Using custom development or an ETL tool, all data connects inside Salesforce as a single source of truth.

Survey the Information

Data timing, accuracy, and completeness is tested against user needs. Proper integration creates actionable information and new business discoveries.

“Galvin has once again exceeded expectations. It’s always great to engage with a partner who is not only an expert in the platform, but also understands the importance of learning the nuances of your business to appropriately scope and build out high impact solutions.”

–Amy, Financial Services

Data Powers Everything We Do

Our developers determine the best path for integration based on the client’s immediate needs and long-term goals. We factor in variables like speed to market, budget, and management resources. The information determines whether using an ETL tool or creating customized code makes the most sense. Either way, our Salesforce Developers are experts at both integration methods with hundreds of completed projects.

We hold a deep understanding of the Salesforce® data model and can craft logic to meet any requirement from any external system. That is why enterprises turn to Galvin Technologies for:

  • Assessing data value and building efficient solutions
  • Integrating systems hosted by different vendors into Salesforce®
  • Creating real-time data synchronization
  • Cleaning data and instituting guardrails for keeping it correct and current
  • Providing guidance on complex data decision points
  • Equipping teams with comprehensive data to drive revenue and relationships
  • Powering data-driven forecasting models and business metrics
  • Ongoing data refinement and expansion through Managed Services
Salesforce Evaluate Integration Approaches

Certified Scribe Partner

Galvin Technologies is a Certified Scribe Partner making us a leading firm for our expertise with the ETL tool. The agile platform aids complex integrations without the need for large Development teams and extensive coding. The software also supports customization for unique processes and application configurations. Through Salesforce® and Scribe, our team can connect more applications in less time at a cost that works for any budget.

Gaining Insight from Information

Today’s companies have more applications to connect, but less time and skilled staff to integrate them. The team of senior-level, certified Salesforce Developers at Galvin Technologies have completed hundreds of integration projects of all scopes, sizes, and budgets. We make back-end system information accessible to the front lines. That lets customer data drive business decisions – from the c-suite to the sales floor and everywhere in between.

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