​​​Salesforce’s Spring Release: What Does ’24 Have in Store?

Salesforce’s latest platform updates for Spring ’24 are rolling out now through mid-February. New features, improved functionality, and some fantastic beta trials pack the new release. Read on for our two favorite upgrades, plus one particularly important need-to-know for all Salesforce users.

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February 8, 2024

Salesforce’s latest platform updates for Spring ’24 are rolling out now through mid-February. New features, improved functionality, and some fantastic beta trials pack the new release. Download Spring ’24 Release in a Box for a high-level overview of the countless innovations hitting orgs now. 

In the meantime, we’re highlighting two of our favorite upgrades specifically for teams using Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot). Plus, don’t sleep on one particularly important need-to-know for all Salesforce users.  

1. MFA Is Here to Stay

Salesforce took a major step forward in February 2022 to improve platform security with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Under the new setting, users logging directly into Salesforce had to provide an MFA verification method in addition to their username and password. The move helped Salesforce beef up security to protect against cyber threats like phishing, credential stuffing, and unauthorized account access.  

The migration has been largely elective and unrushed—until now. Mark your calendar! As of April 8, 2024, all remaining users in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and Salesforce mobile apps must implement MFA. The setting is no longer elective but a default part of the direct login process for production orgs. If your organization wasn’t included in one of the previous MFA auto-enablement phases, this is your last chance to prepare for the change.  

We strongly encourage all remaining orgs to enable MFA before the April deadline to avoid user accessibility issues. Read up on MFA and how to seamlessly make the switch. 

2. NPSP: Developments for Duplicate Management

Preventing, spotting, and removing duplicates is one of the biggest pain points for any CRM user. Duplicates are easy to make and hard to correct. Salesforce has made major strides in making things better, but things were still a bit clunky for NPSP users. Now the Potential Duplicates Lightning Web Component in Spring ’24 makes the process easier than ever.  

NPSP had its own duplicate merge tool separate from the standard Salesforce merge tool. The problem was that when the system identified a potential duplicate, the link directed users to the standard merge tool which lacked the same functionality available in NPSP. Plus, extra clicks and added work is never ideal. Thanks to user feedback on Salesforce’s IdeaExchange, developers got to work fixing the problem.  

Now once the new Duplicates component is added to the page, users can review, select, and merge potential duplicate contacts (including custom objects) right from the NPSP Contact Merge page. The update adds simplicity and time savings to managing duplicate records.  

3. Marketing Cloud: Einstein Gets Creative

Salesforce Einstein is not new to marketing. The CRM’s artificial intelligence tool has been a great addition for lead and behavior scoring, determining optimal send times, and identifying campaign targets—important data to drive marketing. However, with Spring ’24, Einstein is becoming a full member of the marketing team with new abilities to auto-generate assets. Oh yes, you read that right.  

  • Create and Draft Emails 

    Want help writing an email? Type or talk to Einstein describing what you want. The tool automatically drafts a subject line, header, and body paragraphs in the editor. If you’re happy with the results, simply copy and paste the content into your email. If the text needs some tweaks, provide Einstein with additional information and he’ll keep refining the copy until it’s just right.  

  • Develop Forms 

    Do you have the need for speed when it comes to developing forms? Einstein now can help here too by generating tab descriptions, headlines, and paragraphs. The tool will not select specific form fields but can assist with almost everything else including making suggestions for Completed Actions.

  • Write and Build Landing Pages

    Einstein’s new marketing skills also apply to landing page names, tags, titles, and descriptions based on your prompts. You can work with Einstein to refine each element separately. Not only does Einstein speed up the content creation process, but also can suggest text best for SEO. Simply copy and paste the text from inside Account Engagement to build the page.  

Einstein may not be able to help with every writing task, and he’ll tell you when that’s the case. Simply keep working and Einstein will jump back in when he’s up to the job.  

Einstein’s asset auto-generation capabilities are available in Account Engagement Advanced and Premium editions and Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance editions.  

Learn More 

These are just three big updates in Spring ’24. There are hundreds of others. Preview additional release highlights in Trailhead 

Ready to start using these new features? Reach out to Galvin and we’ll get you up and running faster than Einstein can explain E=mc2. 


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