Galvin’s Favorite Features: Easily Identify Donors and Improve Fundraising Success with RFM Scoring

The Salesforce Summer ’24 release makes it easier than ever to spot likely donors, which means focusing your team’s efforts on the right people.

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June 18, 2024

You have thousands, maybe even millions, of past and potential donors sitting in your Salesforce database and it can be hard to decide which are most worthy of prospecting time. So, my favorite feature from Salesforce’s Summer ’24 release for Nonprofit Cloud is RFM scoring on the Donor Profile.

What Is RFM Scoring? 

RFM stands for recency, frequency, and monetary value.

  • How long ago was the person’s last donation?
  • How often does the person donate?
  • How much do they give?

The answers represent key donor traits and offer clues as to how likely someone is to contribute.

With the Summer ’24 release, users can configure RFM value scores based on donor giving history and the unique needs of the organization. Salesforce can display the scores directly on each donor’s profile. Now it’s easier than ever to spot likely donors, which means focusing your team’s efforts on the right people.

Why I’m Excited About RFM Scoring

Easy Data Visibility 

This is a huge functionality upgrade for customers looking for a more effective way to manage giving. The ability to see—at a glance—an individual donor’s predisposition to respond to an appeal is an incredibly powerful tool inside development offices.

Marketing Potential

RFM gets even more powerful when using the scores in aggregate. Teams can develop and manage marketing campaigns targeting high-potential donors as part of a refined segmentation strategy driven off of the score data.

OOTB Access

RFM is available out of the box in Nonprofit Cloud with no additional investment required. The change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions with Fundraising enabled.

Get Ready for a Big Score

The Salesforce Summer ’24 release is rolling out now. Nonprofit Cloud users likely will have access to RFM scoring on the Donor Profile in early June. If you need help configuring your RFM score and putting it to work, Galvin’s team of Nonprofit Cloud experts are ready to help. Be sure to check out the other great features coming to Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising too.


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