Celebrating 20 Years of Galvin Technologies

As we celebrate 20 years at Galvin Technologies, I'm thankful for the challenges that molded us, the partnerships that grew with us, and the clients who trust us with their Salesforce projects.

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March 5, 2024

Two decades ago, launching Galvin Technologies marked my entry into entrepreneurship after a layoff, turning a challenging moment into the start of a web development venture. This journey, driven by a mix of necessity and vision, quickly evolved into a successful business by 2004.  

In 2007, Paul, my former boss, joined Galvin as a partner. Paul’s been with us since then, offering the kind of strategic advice that only comes from a wealth of experience. He’s helped us tackle big challenges and make smart decisions, proving his worth time and again. 

Our focus shifted in 2010 as we initially started specializing in Salesforce solutions to meet a client’s needs. Eventually, this pivot aligned with Salesforce’s growing capabilities, leading us to dedicate ourselves fully to Salesforce services by 2015. Step by step, our transition from web development to becoming a Salesforce Systems Integration Partner has been an unexpected but fulfilling evolution of our business, strengthening our initial expertise with new technological advancements. 

We’ve navigated many changes over the last two decades, and reflecting fills me with a sense of achievement, mainly driven by the trust we’ve earned from our partners, the diverse industries with which we’ve had the privilege to work, and the innovations we’ve been able to contribute. Yet, what truly stands out to me is our team’s dedication to providing the best solutions for our clients. 

Our team, from project managers to developers and every role in between, is the main force behind Galvin Technologies. It’s their dedication and diverse talents that push us forward. Every team member brings this passion to the table, ready to stand behind their ideas, always with our clients’ best interests in mind. This collective spirit is the reason we’re celebrating twenty years of success together. 

But we would not be where we are today without the trust of our clients. We thank everyone who put their trust in us to provide the best Salesforce solutions. 

As we celebrate 20 years at Galvin Technologies, I’m thankful for the challenges that molded us, the partnerships that grew with us, and the clients who trust us with their Salesforce projects. Here’s to two decades of expanding, learning, and a tireless commitment to excellence. And a special acknowledgment to those crossroads moments that serve as catalysts to bigger and better things when we harness them in the right direction.  

To all teammates, clients, supporters, and partners —thank you all for being a part of this journey. 

Cheers to the next 20 years! 


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