Newly Enhanced Salesforce Files Reinvents Storing Files in the Cloud


If you’re storing files in the cloud you’re probably using Dropbox, or even Google Drive. Now that same experience and capability is brought into Salesforce with the newly enhanced Salesforce Files. For many years, Salesforce users have had the ability to store files within Salesforce but without folder hierarchy thus providing users with the experience they would have expected. Now, with Salesforce Files users are not only able to view files in a folder hierarchy but they can now obtain the cloud sharing experience everyone now expects.

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Share Files Easily with the Desktop Salesforce Files Client

By downloading the Salesforce Files client to your computer Salesforce users are now able to easily upload and share files – straight from their computer. Plus, sharing is easier than ever.  If you need to share that file with another Salesforce user or a Chatter group you can do so right in the desktop client itself and simply select the group or the user.

Salesforce Files Client Download

Sync Files to Mobile

Whether you are in front of your laptop or on the go, Salesforce Users are able to view files on their mobile device with the Salesforce1 mobile app. No longer do individuals need to worry about whether they have the latest version of a file because now once a file is updated everyone will have access to it.

Files + Chatter = Like

Salesforce Files has the ability to place files within Chatter groups and on Accounts, Campaigns and Service Cases.  This allows for easy sharing and access to the appropriate files you need without having to leave Salesforce.

Versioning of Files

Salesforce Files also supports versioning. This allows collaborators of the file to view and rollback to previous versions of that file.



The latest features of Salesforce Files continues to not only enhance the user’s experience with Salesforce but also allows users to be more mobile than ever before. The ease of uploading and sharing files and the installation of a desktop client has truly enhanced the ability for users to embrace Salesforce Files and use it more in their everyday business life.

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