From Cloud to Ground: Power Your Field Reps With Salesforce Field Service Lightning

An enhanced customer experience is only as good as your employees’ ability to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, which is why it’s vital to empower them with the right […]

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June 15, 2017

Salesforce Field Service

An enhanced customer experience is only as good as your employees’ ability to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, which is why it’s vital to empower them with the right tools to carry out their daily tasks. Cloud-based tools, such as Salesforce Field Service Lightning, can help increase in-field efficiency in a variety of ways. Lightning promotes collaboration and coordination by keeping your workforce connected with a variety of field employees, from telecommuters to dispatchers. Here’s how:

1. Use In-Field Quotes and Proposals

Once your field representative performs the job your customer needs, it’s important that they are getting the rates right when it comes time to provide a quote or proposal. Rather than slowing down the process, your field representative can provide proposals with accuracy when using Salesforce Field Service Lightning. Field Service Lightning takes the guesswork out of quoting rates accurately since this dynamic tool has access to client data for advanced asset management. Your field technicians and field sales representatives can use the Advance Assets feature to access product knowledge-based data to make smarter and more accurate decisions when creating proposals on-the-go.

Having immediate access to client data, such as client history, service contracts and product-knowledge bases, can help speed up processes and even provide up-selling or cross-selling opportunities. This increases your sales growth potential all while improving customer service in-field.

2. “Seal the Deal” With E-signatures

Signatures are part of the final step of “sealing the deal” and making the service call fulfillment complete or a new work order or proposal official. Salesforce Field Service Lightning makes this possible thanks to its mobile cloud apps, which are conveniently accessible from mobile devices. Your field representatives can get your customer’s approval for a quote or capture his or her signature with the Signature Capture feature once a work order is complete for better customer service. With each closed deal, you stand to grow sales, move the sales process along and enhance the customer’s experience.

3. Enhance the Customer Experience With Product Configurators.

No one person is the same. That’s why serving customers with a one-size-fits-all solution won’t work. Instead, you can empower your field representatives with the option to customize a product or service for your customers with the help of product configurators. Salesforce Field Service Lightning empowers your field representatives with the ability to customize work orders to fit your customers’ individual needs. They can save time by creating custom templates when configuring work order settings and can customize page layouts for a variety of elements, including service contracts and contact information. By empowering in-field workers with product configurators, they can enhance the customer’s experience by saving them time.

Final Thoughts

Giving your in-field employees access to the right tools can help promote in-field efficiency and better customer service. Saleforce’s Field Service Lightning helps to facilitate this by improving processes and growing sales thanks to how quickly your in-field representatives can access customer data, serve up quotes and proposals in real time and finalize the sale with e-signature access. You can get started with Salesforce implementation by using a Salesforce consultant or Salesforce partner with an expert team with experience using Lightning. By taking these steps, you can get started on improving the customer experience and your bottom-line profits.

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