Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Offering customers the best experience possible is a top goal of every service organization. Customer experience is largely determined by the capabilities of your employees in the field. Luckily, cloud-based tools can help bolster your customer service. With Salesforce Field Service Lightning, Service Cloud members can empower their service personnel with tools that keep them connected. From mobile workers to dispatchers, everyone can help grow sales by better serving the customer. Here are five benefits of using this dynamic tool from Salesforce.

1. Increase efficiency.

A lack of monitoring due to disconnected customer relationship management systems slows your service team down. Salesforce Field Service Lightning helps your entire workforce to deliver faster, smarter service on one platform, and improve efficiency with live job viewing and management capabilities. For example, dispatchers can use the map feature to view service delivery live and quickly receive alerts regarding service issues, allowing them to resolve problems as they arise.

2. Improve communication.

Communication is a key component to enhancing the customer experience. If your dispatchers lack a true connection to your mobile employees, then your service team can be set up for failure, and embarrassing mistakes. Fortunately, Salesforce Field Service Lightning seamlessly connects your teams with communication tools in real-time, such as Live Agent web chat and email integration.

3. Manage complex assets.

When your customer offers hundreds or even thousands of products, keeping track of product descriptions, line items, SKU numbers and other important product data can be difficult. That’s why it’s important to get the right tools to organize a complex system of assets to drive your sales forward. Salesforce Field Service Lightning is instrumental in achieving this goal. You can use the Advance Assets feature to keep up with data about products from all your clients. You can also simplify identifying asset parts for repair needs by taking advantage of asset hierarchy. It allows you to track products made with multiple components, all from one view, so you can better manage your data and satisfy your customers. This can lead to repeat business and opportunities to grow your sales.

4. Provide mobile support.

Advances in mobile technology and the prevalence of smartphones have driven increasing need for mobile support. More companies than ever are conducting business via mobile devices. Mobile capabilities allow you to improve business processes and enhance the customer experience. Field Service Lightning provides enhanced customer service by supporting your on-the-go employees with access to work orders and the ability to modify requests from almost any device. For example, service technicians can automate processes by using the Salesforce1 Mobile App for a complete assortment of field activity support.


5. Facilitate dynamic scheduling.

One common pain point for customers is waiting to be served. Late or missed appointments alienate customers and drive them away. That’s why using a tool that accommodates dynamic scheduling is important for improving customer service. Field Service Lightning helps your service team intelligently coordinate service appointments with instant booking via the Smart Scheduling app from the Lightning Console. To further enhance productivity, appointments can be automatically assigned to the best technician for the task, based on business rules, time, location and skills.

Final Thoughts

When you optimize your service capabilities with Salesforce Field Service Lightning, you increase efficiency, improve communication and manage complex assets to deliver a personalized customer service experience with agility and ease. If you are considering implementing Field Service Lightning, or would like more information on if it is right for your team, contact an expert Salesforce partner to help you get started on offering your customers efficient, streamlined service.