10 Ways Salesforce Users Become Sales Champions

Last night, October 27, 2015, we hosted a Salesforce event titled “An Evening in the Clouds: What Sales Champions Do In Salesforce”.  This event was for sales & business leaders who want learn how sales champions use Salesforce to manage their sales process and drive more sales. Together with Salesforce Pardot and Tinderbox we were able to show how other companies use Salesforce to drive the metrics and activities necessary to their business.

Topics we covered were:

  1. How sales managers use Salesforce to lead their teams
  2. How sales people use Salesforce to fill their pipeline, be top of mind and close more deals.
  3. Hear an actual case study from a Tinderbox customer
  4. The power of marketing automation within your sales process.


Here are 10 Take Aways to Become a Sales Champion with Salesforce:

1. Sales managers set the tone for creating a championship sales team.

Sales Champions Start with the Sales Manager


2.Run every sales meeting out of Salesforce utilizing the “Monday Morning Dashboard”.

The Monday Morning Dashboard


3. The main metrics sales people should be tracking everyday are Quota, Pipeline and Activity.

KNow Your Metrics for Salesforce


4. 64% of a sales person’s activities is spent on non-selling activities.

64% of activities are related to non-selling events


5. The Sales Stack is a set of sales applications that sits between the back office and the customer.

Sales Stack


6.Tinderbox is a sales stack application that generates documents automatically from Salesforce data and helps close the deal faster.

Tinderbox Sales Stack


7. Sales is driven by the buyer and they want an individualized experience

Sales Driven by the Buyer


8. With Sales Cloud Engage you can stay in front of your customers and reach out to them when you see they are ready to buy.

Sales Cloud Engage


9. Now sales people can send custom drip campaigns and marketing-ready emails to their clients and prospects.

Lead the Conversation wtih Sales Cloud Engage



10. Sell faster by automating your sales process

Automate sales processes with Salesforce


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