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If you’re not using Salesforce on mobile devices, now is the time to get started. Here’s what customers are saying about Salesforce1 Mobile App: “I can run my business from […]

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June 27, 2016

Summer Salesforce

If you’re not using Salesforce on mobile devices, now is the time to get started. Here’s what customers are saying about Salesforce1 Mobile App:

  • “I can run my business from my phone and that’s changed my life.”
  • “The Salesforce1 Mobile App helps our reps manage every aspect of their business, so they can spend less time at their desks and more time with customers.”

What is the Salesforce1 Mobile App?

Salesforce1 Mobile App puts all the information you need right on your phone. Your sales team can do business anywhere, not just at their desks. Here’s just some of the things you can do with Salesforce1.

  1. Access your dashboards, review reports, and share the dashboards with your sales team.
  2. Organize your day with a portable calendar.
  3. Check urgent messages and approve requests.
  4. Close deals faster while on the go.

How Can Salesforce1 Mobile Streamline Your Business?

Imagine that your sales team carries all their customer records in their pocket. If the customer has a question about a shipment, you’ll have the status in a flash. If the customer needs to reorder, you’ll have the information about their prior order at your fingertips. Imagine what that would do to improve the customer service you’re able to provide.

Your sales team won’t need to spend hours at night completing paperwork. They can update customer records as soon as they leave an appointment, which will make the information even more accurate than if they did the update hours later.

You’ll be able to improve efficiency and make sure follow up tasks are documented. In fact, since all departments are sharing information in real time, you may get the answer to a question before you leave the customer’s office.

With Salesforce1 you can create additional apps for your business 5x faster then traditional development. Automating key processes with your own apps will free everyone up to focus on reaching their most important goals.

What’s New with the Latest Salesforce1 Mobile App?

Salesforce Summer 16 logoSalesforce continues to add new features to the Apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices. But in the recent Salesforce Summer ’16 release all iOS users can download Salesforce1 Version 10 and experience a much improved experience.  With Salesforce1 iOS Version 10 users will now enjoy the following amazing features:

  • Change record owners.
  • SalesforceIQ users now have the ability to send outgoing emails with the new SalesforceIQ Inbox app instead of the native iOS mail app.
  • Take action directly on Approval push notifications on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
  • Push notifications now display the full content giving much more visibility to the message.
  • You can now upload images to Notes.
  • Action Bar buttons are more descriptive.
  • Improved search capabilities allowing users to search on address and title.
  • Knowledge Articles now appear in the navigation menu.
  • Add a default opportunity team with one click.
  • Improved reporting and dashboard experience which includes enhanced charts, filtering and readable donut, pie and funnel charts.
  • Withing Salesforce Chatter users can now view a preview of a URL link.
  • Create and edit records while offline.
  • An improved visual styling.
  • Optimized for iPad Pro screen resolution.
  • Performance Improvements.
  • and more.

There are a few additional features that are in the pilot and beta stages and available to a select user group.  In addition, your Salesforce admin must enable two beta capabilities. One gives you the ability to create and edit records offline – a definite advantage with mobile devices. And, you can try the beta of new interactive dashboard designs. Download the new iOS version here.


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