Salesforce Summer ’23 Release: 10 New Features to Know About

Summer is almost here and so is Salesforce’s latest ’23 Release, offering several enhancements developers and admins will immediately want to implement. Here are a few of our favorites.

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June 13, 2023

Summer is almost here and so is Salesforce’s latest ’23 Release. The annual summer rollout wraps up June 10 and comes with many great new features and functionality upgrades. The release offers several enhancements developers and admins will immediately want to implement. 

We picked a few of our favorites factoring in process impact and ease of implementation. The following list packs a big punch without requiring much effort.


  • Send Email Action Upgrades
    Summer ’23 introduces new features to the Send Email Action in Flows. Users now can implement templates to standardize email formatting. Even better, those emails can send based on triggering actions or Flow criteria. This significantly improves email automation capabilities.But a company may not want to track all emails. Summer ’23 accounts for this too. New permission sets offer the option not to track internal emails and limit who can use org-wide email addresses. With this enhancement, organizations can choose to track only external emails and limit the number of from email addresses available to users.
  • Email Meeting Request
    Fans of Calendly and Doodle will appreciate the new Meeting Request feature. Now you don’t need a separate system to track calendar availability. Through Quick Actions, users can email a meeting request directly from a record with a single click. The email can include up to three available times in the next 72 hours from which the recipient can choose. If none work, the email also includes a scheduling link for accessing other options. The choice automatically reserves the spot on the user’s calendar. Implementing this feature only requires Salesforce’s Inbox license.

In-App Guidance

  • Field-Targeted Prompts
    Training users and onboarding just got easier thanks to targeted prompts. Now you can add a prompt to a specific page element to educate users or explain a reference. The targeted prompt points to the selection so that users receive more directed guidance. This is great for explaining a required action, offering a definition, or detailing options within Salesforce.

Related Lists

  • Mass Quick Actions
    This one is a big productivity booster admins will love. Summer ’23 allows users to streamline their work by adding Quick Actions directly to related lists. The change means users can create related records for items in the list without leaving the page. Plus, they can perform mass updates for up to 100 records at the same time. Users can quickly create child or related records and skip the repetitive work previously needed to update multiple items within a list.

Reports and Dashboards

  • Rich Text and Images
    Want to improve user adoption of important dashboards? This Summer ’23 feature is for you. Unlimited Edition customers now can add rich text fields and images to dashboards. This is a simple change with big possibilities. Organizations can develop visually appealing, informative, and engaging dashboards that will grab the attention of users. Add logos, banners, and text to different components. Simply click “+ Widget” and make a selection to give your dashboard a visual boost.
  • Post in Slack
    Now that your dashboard looks great, why not share it? The new Post to Slack features lets users send Lightning dashboards to Slack. Recipients can view the dashboards, re-share them, subscribe, or open the dashboard inside Salesforce with just a click. Now there’s no reason for not keeping performance metrics front and center.

Field Enhancements

  • Picklist Performance
    If your picklists have gotten out of control, Summer ’23 is a forced clean-up. The latest release limits inactive custom picklist values to 4,000. Time to revisit your lists to make sure the right values are there.The new release also brings some changes to salutations. Now users can manage and update salutation picklist values directly from Lightning without having to switch to Classic. In a move toward inclusivity, Salesforce now offers the “Mx.” salutation, which is considered gender neutral. Simply update the picklist to make the new salutation visible to users.

Lightning Web Components

  • Calendar
    Summer ’23 brings some productivity-boosting enhancements to the calendar. One simple but powerful upgrade is that users can view the calendar with a single click that pops it open without interrupting current work on the screen.Other upgrades include drag-and-drop rescheduling, previewing events with a click rather than hovering, and color shading for past dates. Users also can quickly scan upcoming meetings with longer text and overlapping tiles. Perhaps best of all is that calendar users can view 500 events and enable those events for up to 50 shared calendars and resources.


  • Pipeline Inspection
    Now users can revise opportunities more efficiently in Pipeline Inspection. Inline editing allows users to quickly update their pipeline including checkboxes, emails, phone numbers, and URL fields on opportunities. Expanded filters also enable users to view more deals and pipelines, including those of other team members. With Pipeline Inspection as the default opportunity list view for newly created orgs, teams can expect more effective pipeline reviews and better hygiene with less work.

Learn More

These enhancements and upgrades are some of our favorites but only account for a fraction of the new features available in the Summer ’23 release. To learn more, check out these helpful resources:

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