Salesforce Einstein Voice: Your Condensed Overview

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October 2, 2018

Salesforce Einstein Voice

One of the big announcements out of Dreamforce 18 is the release of the new Einstein Voice.   What Siri is to Apple Einstein Voice is to Salesforce.  According to the September 20, 2018 Salesforce press release “Einstein Voice Assistant will transform the way people work, allowing them to get personalized daily briefings and make conversational updates to Salesforce via the Salesforce Mobile App or smart speaker of their choice”

The demos at Dreamforce were remarkable and I wanted to share with you everything you needed to know to understand what Einstein Voice is.

  • Who gets Einstein Voice?  Everyone with a Salesforce license will get Einstein Voice
  • When will Einstein Voice be available? Users will be able to “talk” commands to Salesforce using Einstein Voice Assistant in the Winter ’19 Salesforce release.  This will allow users to update Salesforce records, get daily briefings from Salesforce and explore Salesforce dashboards.
  • Will Einstein Voice be able to do more? I’m sure Salesforce is in the works of putting together some remarkable enhancements in the coming years.  In the meantime, we only know about Einstein Voice Bots which will allow Salesforce admins to build voice-powered bots that interact with Salesforce. Einstein Voice Bots are scheduled to be released in the Summer ’19 Salesforce release.

Here is an Einstein Voice Example:

Let’s say you have a sales meeting with a prospect.  You get into your car and before you head to your next destination you need to log your updates into Salesforce, but you have to be quick.  Instead of manually entering your activity notes and next steps into Salesforce mobile, you will be able to use Einstein Voice to verbally update the information from the Salesforce mobile app. Einstein Voice will listen to what you are saying, find the relevant records and automatically updates fields with the information you provided.  In addition, it will create follow-up tasks, and notifies teammates.

With Einstein Voice Salesforce users will see an increase in adoption and an increase in efficiencies.  This is a feature that has a world of possibilities on the horizon.

Also published on Medium.

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