Rumors About a New Salesforce Product Are In The Air!

Dreamforce ’14, the annual Salesforce user conference, is fast approaching, and it is predicted to be one of the most exciting of all cloud events this year. This conference will take place in San Francisco with attendees from all over the world are set to attend the event. Last year, during Dreamforce 13, the focus was on Saleforce1, marketing automation and data capturing across every touchpoint. This year, however, the focus is apparently going to be on converting data into insight, and making sure this insight is put into action. So, rumor has it that Salesforce is launching a new product – the Analytics Cloud

What the Analytics Cloud can achieve:

There is wide speculation about the new Salesforce Analytics Cloud, especially within users of Salesforce products and people involved in higher education, ever since Mark Benioff announced information pertaining to its release. Analysts are theorizing that this step is a great one for those companies that are focusing on predictive intelligence. Rear-view analytics have been serving all of us excellently, but the results will be much more impressive when these are combined with forward looking predictions, as much more can be accomplished using both simultaneously. This is what Salesforce is trying to achieve, besides prodding companies to reconsider their operations based on data.

Using these predictions, Salesforce dashboards will be able to represent and analyze a whole new set of data. The new Salesforce Analytics Cloud will also allow companies to choose from a wide array of tools, to suit their needs perfectly. This process will be as simple as combining marketing applications to achieve the best results. With this release, it will be possible for companies to get live and real-time insights that give pointers on the effectiveness of their campaigns. For example, companies will be able to observe sales territories and evaluate accounts more successfully.

Other topics on the Dreamforce itinerary:

Besides this, Salesforce’s recent acquirement of RelateIQ is also going to be another topic that will be discussed in this year’s Dreamforce conference. This discussion is also looked forward to by a lot of users and enthusiasts.

Dreamforce, however, will not concentrate only on Salesforce. It will also pay a lot of attention to the ecosystem and the history of the company. The impact the company has made is also expected to be discussed. Eight startup enterprises that have been founded by ex-employees of the company are also expected to attend the Dreamforce conference, according to Business Insider.

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