Our Salesforce Predictions for 2016

Salesforce Predictions

Recently we asked others what they predict Salesforce would do in 2016.  Whether it is a new acquisition, a new product or just something fun we wanted to hear what others think might happen.

We want to share these predictions with you, our readers, and if any of these come true in 2016 then we all might know who has the power to predict the future.

Salesforce Predictions for 2016

I think Salesforce will purchase Financialforce.com.


Pardot will become part of the standard Sales Cloud package

Salesforce will be fielding a bid from a potential buyer


Salesforce launches an airline. They are already the leader in the cloud, so why not make it easier for their customers to get to and from Dreamforce by providing transportation in company owned aircraft? This will be included in the cost of Dreamforce registration, which will now be a monthly subscription fee so it stays affordable for the masses. The airline will be called Airforce1. There will be an app that pilots use to fly the aircraft called AirforceA, which will be written on a new platform Salesforce will announce called RubyOnAir. The United States government will sue Salesforce over the use of airline the name, but because of the power of the cloud, Salesforce will come out victorious, and Marc Benioff will announce he is running for President in 2020, because after all, that is perfect vision!


I have two predictions – 1. Salesforce will announce 2 new “industry” clouds.  2. Salesforce will continue to invest in Lightning Experience, improving how users interact with their data.


I would have predicted that in 2016 Salesforce would acquire a Quote-to-Cash company but that happened in 2015 with the acquisition of Steelbrick.  So my next prediction is that Salesforce will improve grow their Salesforce Files into its own product and become another document storage solution.


I think Salesforce will continue to move forward with deeper Microsoft integration. I also think Salesforce is going to hit the Medical and Financial space very hard in 2016. I think more than just simply helping support those industries I think we will see big companies like Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and LinkedIn make the move to put big money in those spaces. Think GE…years ago GE just made lights and now they are in every industry. Salesforce will continue to improve the Wave and Pardot products. I also think the app development space is going to explode.


Do you have any predictions you would like to share?  Include it in the comments section below and if your prediction comes true you can brag to all your friends that you know how to tell the future.

Happy New Year!

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