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As I have gotten older I realize that my time is limited. Between work, family, kids and the activities in-between I have a full day. But I have to constantly […]

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May 16, 2014

As I have gotten older I realize that my time is limited. Between work, family, kids and the activities in-between I have a full day. But I have to constantly learn and stay on top of the trends in my industry (which is web, Salesforce consulting and custom application development) and podcasts provide me a solution for multi-tasking and learning at the same time. Yesterday evening I mowed my lawn and got two full podcast episodes in before I parked the lawn mower in the garage. So while I was mowing around trees I am also learning about How to Create a Thriving B2B Advocacy Community as well as how NASA did content marketing during their space program.

So I thought I would share with you my top podcasts. But before I do so I should probably disclose that because Galvin Technologies is a web and software company that specializes in Salesforce consulting, web design and development and custom software development my business interests lie in those areas. But I oversee sales and the strategy of the business so naturally my podcasts will favor more of the sales and business side of things.

But first, the tool I use – Stitcher

I was originally introduced to Stitcher by marketing technology expert Douglas Karr about a year ago. He gave a presentation on marketing and spoke about the benefits of podcasts and suggested Stitcher as the preferred app to download. Douglas spoke about the many benefits of Stitcher but the one that I liked the most was that I was able to listen to a podcast at 1.5x or 2x the speed. Sure the podcasters sound like chipmunks but I can get through a 30 minute podcast in half the time.

My Top Salesforce, Web, Sales and Marketing Podcasts

1. ButtonClickAdmin

The ButtonClickAdmin Podcast In my opinion (and the opinion of many others) is THE top Salesforce podcasts. This podcast is organized by Mike Gerholdt who is a Salesforce enthusiast. The podcast comes out every Monday and is targeted to Salesforce Admins who are aiming to enrich their knowledge in Salesforce. Mike and his team has done a very good job bringing in high-profile guests. If you are a Salesforce Admin this podcast is a must.

2. Social Media Examiner

I was first introduced to the Social Media Examiner 3 years ago when I read Michael Stelzner’s book – Launch. As stated on their website, The Social Media Examiner “mission is to help you navigate the constantly changing social media jungle.”. This is a podcast that always has me leaving with pages of notes and ideas to implement.

3. Social Pros Podcast

Social Pros PodcastThe tagline of the Social Pros Podcast says it all – “Real people doing real work in social media“. This podcast is a bit longer than I like as the average length seems to be 45 minutes. But the first half hour is always with a guest, which are oftentimes high profile, and very informative. Jay Baer of Convince and Convert and Jeff Rohrs of ExactTarget, a company, co-host this podcast. When it comes to social media and content marketing – these guys know their stuff and always ask great questions. One of my favorite parts of each podcast is the plethora of knowledge and information I can get off their website which they reference often in each podcast.

4. Marketing Over Coffee

This podcast has a different feel in that they present information as a conversation form. When I listen to this podcast I oftentimes just get enthralled with the conversation they are having as it is oftentimes just simply enjoyable. The Marketing Over Coffee podcast covers both digital marketing as well as more traditional marketing. The hosts of the podcast record each episode from a coffee shop and release it on Thursday mornings. My favorite thing about this podcast is the length. Each episode is generally 20 minutes long and jam packed with substance and not much “fluff” that fills airtime. Whether you are a marketing person for a big or small company this is a must.

5. The Advance Selling Podcast

When it comes to podcasts related to sales I find The Advance Selling Podcast most useful. Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale have been doing this podcasts for years and have picked up a following of over 80,000 listeners all over the globe. On this podcast you will get advice that is straight to the point. The podcasts are short (generally less than 20 minutes) and the dialog between Bill and Bryan is very enjoyable to listen to.

There you have it. These are my top podcasts on the topic of Salesforce, Web, Sales and Marketing. There are others I listen to that pertain to sports and personal interests but when it comes to business these podcasts are perfect.

But what do you listen to? I would love to know what your favorite podcast is that you would recommend me listening to. Leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to add it to my Stitcher account.

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