Clari Implementation and Galvin

Integrating Clari with Salesforce gives Galvin clients a robust forecasting and pipeline management solution

Indianapolis, IN (June 12, 2017) – Galvin Technologies is now a charter member of Clari’s Certified Implementation Partner program. “We’re teaming with world-class partners to support our mission of making selling easier and more predictable.” said Andy Byrne, CEO at Clari. “It’s exciting to move into the next wave of sales innovation with a leading Salesforce implementation company like Galvin Technologies.”

Galvin Is Dedicated to Helping Clients Optimize Sales Pipelines

Galvin Technologies specializes in delivering Salesforce implementations to companies across the Midwest. They frequently work with companies whose sales teams lack accurate insight into their sales pipeline, and resort to preparing and trying to track pipelines using spreadsheets based on hastily written email updates. Galvin is working to resolve this market-wide issue of clumsy pipeline management and inaccurate forecasting by optimizing companies’ opportunity-to-close process.

“Clari is the platform of choice to help bring the complete pipeline story to sales teams,” said Gary Galvin, president of Galvin Technologies President. “Applying Clari’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to the pipeline information gathered in Salesforce creates a robust forecasting and pipeline management solution that helps companies drive more revenue.”

Galvin Offers Both Salesforce and Clari Expertise

The Galvin staff has been trained and certified on Clari’s Opportunity-to-Close Solutions. In addition, Galvin has also achieved the status of Certified Salesforce Consultants, with certified professional project managers, architects and developers.

Adding the Clari Certification to its list of accomplishments allows Galvin to provide its clients with the most wide-ranging Salesforce implementation support available on the market today.

About Galvin Technologies

Galvin Technologies works with companies by delivering Salesforce implementations. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, Galvin provides professional Salesforce consulting services to companies across the Midwest. We specialize in Salesforce consulting and administration services, as well as Pardot lead cultivation and marketing. Salesforce products we specialize in are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Wave (Analytics), Pardot, App Cloud and more. For additional information, visit us at

About Clari

High-performing sales teams run their opportunity-to-close process on Clari. With Clari’s artificial intelligence-driven platform, sales reps know where to focus, managers can immediately spot risk in the pipeline and execs will forecast with confidence. Industry leading companies like Box, Juniper Networks, Symantec, Okta, Palo Alto Networks and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise use Clari to make better decisions based on actual sales rep and prospect behavior and to close more deals predictably. Clari is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. Learn more at and follow @clarihq.