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Dreamforce is a week away and as you finalize your plans you’re probably in your agenda builder everyday making those final adjustments. At Galvin, we’ve been collaborating on who should […]

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September 8, 2012

Dreamforce is a week away and as you finalize your plans you’re probably in your agenda builder everyday making those final adjustments. At Galvin, we’ve been collaborating on who should go to various sessions. Except for a few selected sessions we don’t want more than one of us at the same session. We plan to divide and conquer Dreamforce and soak in as much knowledge as possible to bring back to our colleagues.

As we have been putting our final agendas together we felt it might be helpful if we shared those sessions that are best for web designers or web developers. There are over 750 different sessions for the 70,000+ people so we thought that since we’ve been doing all this legwork in the office we might be able to save some time for others who are trying to do the same thing. If you think we left any sessions out let us know as we try to put the final touches on our agendas.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

Building the AppExchange using Responsive Design

– With the advancement and popularity of the mobile device, web design methods have to be flexible and liquid. Whether a user is viewing your website on a desktop, tablet or smart phone web designers have to ensure that the user experience they design for performs perfectly throughout. Recently, the Salesforce.com AppExchange was redesigned and redeveloped on the Force.com platform utilizing responsive design. In our mind, this should be a great case study to listen to.

Marketing Cloud: Social Media 101 – We all know we need to tweet and post but we get caught into “paralysis by analysis” or we are just not sure where to start. This session might provide the basics of getting started in social media. Our hope is to leave this session with tidbits that we can easily pass onto our clients (or some of our senior level executives).

Secrets of Top Converting Websites – The title of this session says it all. But what caught our eye was that there will be 21 tips revealed that every website should do to grow their conversion rate to 10% or above. Our stylus and iPads will be ready for a busy session of taking notes.

Marketing Cloud: You got Your Social in my CRM-Merging Radian 6 & Salesforce.com – We see company websites as the hub of all inbound and outbound communications including social media. We are constantly looking for ways to measure online activity to ensure that the solutions we put in place for our clients are growing their businesses. We are very interested in the power of Radian6 and how it can help measure social media traffic to websites and ultimately into the sales pipeline.

Marketing Cloud: The Science of Inbound Marketing – The term “search engine optimization” is fading away and being replaced with “Inbound Marketing”. Inbound Marketing involves strong content strategies that drive qualified leads into companies through their website. This session will showcase the numbers behind it which will include marketing data and statistics. Let’s face it; this is the data that the directors and financial officers of our clients want to see.

Wednesday, Sept. 19

Business is Social – This is one of the headline events so we are sure almost everyone will be there. Marc Benioff and Salesforce.com are putting solutions in place that help companies with the social sale. This session will most likely motivate us and give us many good ideas to take back to our sales team.

Integrating Search Marketing with Salesforce.com – Websites are meant to do one thing – generate revenue. Companies are trying to figure how to best utilize search engine marketing (“SEM”) into their website so that leads are ultimately driven into their sales funnel. But companies don’t just want leads, they want qualified leads. By integrating SEM strategies into Salesforce.com companies are now able to easily flow qualified buyers from a search engine result, to their website which then converts them into the sales pipeline.

Thursday, September 20

Marketing Cloud: Advanced Content Strategies-Building a Unified Content Strategy – Search engines want relevant and consistent content. Prospects and clients want relevant and non-intrusive content. So whether you’re driving in new leads through search engines or farming your account base with various marketing automation strategies your company needs good content and lots of it.

10 Ways to Tap into the Power of Content and Social Marketing – Surely there are more than ten ways but we are confident that these are the ten effective ways to implement content and social marketing strategies. In this session we’ll learn from Marketo and Copyblogger who are two fast growing content marketing companies. Plus, it looks like all attendees will receive a copy of a new workbook, The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing.

Did We Forget Any? We are curious, are there any sessions you might recommend that maybe we left out? We are interested in knowing if you have suggestions in other sessions that web designers and web developers may want to attend. We look forward to seeing you at Dreamforce.

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