This is the third email were we will be highlighting new Salesforce features that will launch with Spring ’14. Two weeks ago we emailed you about the ability to post announcements within Chatter and our first email was about Salesforce1 and the Leads object. Next, we will uncover repeating tasks.

Repeat Tasks on a Flexible Schedule

This is the feature that I am most excited about as it is a clear indication for more automation to come within Salesforce. In Spring ’14 you will be able to repeat tasks that are common in your sales process…or even your day to day process. This will take away some of the manual processes of a sequence of tasks that are necessary to complete a sale or a project.

You can learn more about repeating tasks here.

At Galvin, we intend to use this for automating our contracts and onboarding our projects. In addition, when we do cold calling we like to follow a cadence of calls and emails and this should keep our processes consistent.