Top 10 Oddities from Dreamforce ’13 [#DF13]

Dreamforce, which is‘s annual mega conference, is now behind us.  We say goodbye to our friends, clients and colleagues as we head back to our offices to accomplish all those […]

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November 21, 2013

Dreamforce, which is‘s annual mega conference, is now behind us.  We say goodbye to our friends, clients and colleagues as we head back to our offices to accomplish all those new ideas we learned and get caught up on the work that has piled up.  There were many accomplishments at Dreamforce ’13.  For example, in 4 days over 2000 people created apps on the Salesforce Platform, A team of two Harvard alumns won $1,000,000 in the Dreamforce Hackathon, hundreds of people got their certifications and so much more.
But with over 140,000 people from all over the world in one area there are bound to be some things that happen that are just unique.  So with all the positive success that came out of Dreamforce ’13 we decided to put together a light-hearted list of the Top 10 Oddities from Dreamforce

  • Was that Bono that just walked by? 

Search for it on Twitterand you will see many selfies of Dreamforce attendees and Bono, the lead singer from U2.  But was that really Bono?  I would place a comfortable bet on the fact that the real Bono was not at Dreamforce but rather a Bono-impersonator.  Regardless it made many great stories as well as many happy people.  So I don’t think it was Bono but if you are convinced that you did see the real Bono then I am happy for you and that would be a great story to tell others because they have no reason to not believe you.

  • That was a biggest worm I have seen. 

Dreamforce typically blocks off Howard St between Moscone South and Moscone North and creates the “Dreamforce Plaza” for attendees to relax, listen to music, eat and do some networking.  This year they created a giant inflatable dome-like environment that essentially looked like a worm.  Either the people of Dreamforce knew the rain was coming or just had a great idea.  Regardless it was a big hit and a comfortable area to do some great networking or relaxing.

  • Toothbrushes will now hold me accountable

During Marc Benioff’s keynote on Tuesday he highlighted how devices will be more connected to the cloud than ever before.  Then he pulled out of his suit coat pocket his Phillips electric toothbrush. It got a lot of good laughs from the audience but his point was loud and clear when he said that his electric toothbrush will now sync data about his teeth back to his dentist.  Now, the toothbrush will be able to tell us how well we are brushing as well as share that data with our dentists so they have better insights on our teeth.  At this point of the conference I felt silly for having bought a plastic travel toothbrush from Walgreen’s.

  • I have never seen so many people scream for Huey Lewis and the News. 

Well, as a matter of fact, I have never seen anyone screem for Huey Lewis – until Dreamforce ’13.  Just as the lights dimmed to start the main keynote of the conference the spotlights turned onto stage 2 and Huey Lewis and the News started to jam.  The crowd went nuts, including me as I  began to bop my head to “The Power of Love”.  Which goes to prove – who wouldn’t be happy when Huey Lewis and the News is jamming on stage.

  • What was that funky smell?

Many of us learned this week that medical marijuanna is legal in California.  As you walk the streets of San Francisco whether it be to breakout sessions or to late night parties I am sure everyone got their fair share of that funky smell.

  • SugarCRM played dirty. 

Throughout the conference there were people at many of the street corners handing out SugarCRM t-shirts and sending unprofessional tweets about  I like the concept of guerilla marketing but SugarCRM went about it all wrong.  Shame on them.  They left a bad taste for many people.

  • Another wacky Sean Penn episode

During Benioff’s keynote he gave a lot of attention to the foundation and the great philothrophic activities does.  It was a moving part of the keynote and according to Twitter many people where in tears.  Benioff then went on to highlight the outgoing support that that so many people have been doing to help the people of Haiti.  One of those people was actor Sean Penn.  I was impressed with Penn and all his gracious work that he was doing to help the people of Haiti.  But then later that night in a hotel lobby Sean Penn exploded on a Dreamforce attendee.

  • Those darn protestors

– Oftentimes at Dreamforce people will flock the streets protesting against something.  This year, during

[Link] Marissa Mayer’s keynote fireside chat with Marc Benioff a group of protestors stood up in the far back and seemed to be protesting against WalMart of which she is a board member.  But Benioff was quick on his feet and made an appropriate comment by casually informing the audience how good the legal team is.

  • Rain or shine people will still rock on to Green Day.  

I applaud those of you who went to the Dreamforce Gala that featured Green Day and Blonde.  Personally, I was very excited to see Green Day in concert and was looking forward to it and I am sure many Dreamforce attendees felt the same way.  But on the night of the gala it was pouring rain and many of the attendees decided to stay near the bars and resturants instead of going to the gala (which was outside at AT&T Park).  But I think it goes without saying that everyone who attended Dreamforce 13 really appreciates the gala.  This is something unique that does every year and over the years they have brought in some great bands to headline the event.  So although many of us did not go to the concert we thank you,  Thank you for for putting it together and appreciating all of us.

  • Rain?  No problem.  

If I have a backyard BBQ with friends and it sprinkles just a little bit I find it difficult to execute on a Plan B.  Dreamforce on the otherhand makes everyone comfortable when it is pouring rain. Simply put, it poured most of Tuesday and Wednesday. With many of the sessions and events spread throughout the area it requires everyone to walk outside from place to place. But I didn’t hear one complaint.  There was more than enough shelter, many partners were handing out umbrellas to people and many people would share their umbrellas with others.  For as hard as it rained – no problem.  I think everyone handled it in stride because Dreamforce and the people of San Francisco protected us from the elements.

I want to thank, the partners, the ISVs and all those who made Dreamforce ’13 a success.  This is a big event for our company and each year it brings great value to Galvin Technologies.  Just like events before I left this Dreamforce motivated, ready to tackle new things, grow the business.  But I am most excited to go home and hug my family after being away from them all week.
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