SMB: 10 Dreamforce Sessions That Will Improve Performance and Profit

Over 1,400 breakout sessions at Dreamforce ’14 and we identified 10 sessions that will resonate with every small & medium business that wants to improve their business performance and ultimately […]

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September 30, 2014

Dreamforce Industry Zone

Over 1,400 breakout sessions at Dreamforce ’14 and we identified 10 sessions that will resonate with every small & medium business that wants to improve their business performance and ultimately their profit. We did the work and narrowed it down for you so you can quickly add them to your Dreamforce Agenda Builder.

1. Circles of Success: Driving Improved Data Quality Inside Salesforce

Let six peers and an experienced facilitator address your specific problems with the use and implementation of the customer relationship management power of Salesforce. Learn how business owners and managers in businesses like yours have overcome the frustration that poor data and poor compliance from sales people pose to your profits. Get the low down from experienced users that will save you time and money in implementation.

2. Hands-on Training: Get Started with Sales Reports and Dashboards

The profit is in the details. This session is designed to teach first time users and “pros” how to get the most profitable information out of the data that Salesforce dashboards and reports can provide. Learn how simple it is to create dashboards and reports that give you the information you need to drive you business success.

3. 20/20 Vision for Your Business: Knowing What to Measure and How

You have the information but you just do not know what it is telling you or how to use it. This session unlocks the secrets of Salesforce dashboards and reports that will give you the insight you need to make more money and retain more customers. 

[tweet_quote]Knowing how you are performing is the first step to real success.[/tweet_quote]

4. Grow Baby Grow: Using Salesforce to Fuel Small Business Growth

If you business is growing faster than you can handle, you need to be at this session. Learn how to manage and sustain outstanding growth using the record of your past achievements. Make you business grow with cloud management, data control, and social media campaigns all managed from a single source.

5. Scaling Culture: Ways to Attract, Hire Retain the Right People

You already know that people make your business succeed. Learn how to find the best people that fit the culture of your business. The basic idea of this session is to maximize your growth by hiring the right person for every job you have. Experts in hiring will show you how to do this “dreadful task” the easy, efficient most effective way.

6. Shorten Sales Cycles with Instant Access to New Leads

New leads means business growth. This session is designed to show you how to get the most out of the module in Sales Cloud to find the most productive leads faster. Enhance your cross selling and reduce the time your sales force spends tracking down leads.

7. Transforming Small Business with Mobile

You know that more than half the sales made are made though mobile devices. If you want a piece of this pie that is growing by leaps and bounds every day then this is the session for you. Get the most out of a well-designed mobile sales campaign that is tailored to your product or service. The session is designed for startups and small businesses that are just entering the mobile sales world.

8. On the Road to Continuous Delivery at

This session explains what Salesforce can do for you and your customers. A completely new concept from Salesforce that updates your software and your customer’s software at a pace you never knew was possible. Learn from the pros how to avoid their errors.

9. Increase Adoption by Establishing a Clear Vision for Success

You know that getting people to change is one of the hardest management tasks there is. This session is a guide to teach you the best ways to increase acceptance and adoption of the Salesforce programs by your sales people and staff. Learn what the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

10. A One-Stop Shop for SMBs to Manage Their Entire Business

Manage your entire business from one platform. Yes, it is possible and it is easy. People that have used Salesforce to manage sales, finance, and marketing will show you how it is done. Learn how to use the tools that will make management easier and profits higher.

Want to Meet Up at DF14?

If you’re interested in meeting at Dreamforce ’14 please drop us a line. Whether you want to start the day off with a cup of coffee, grab a bite to eat on Howard Street or catch up after a session we will be around. Don’t hesitate to reach out and we look forward to meeting you.


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