LinkedIn and Salesforce: A Much Better World

For a long time both Salesforce and LinkedIn have worked together to connect the business world with the buying world. In the recent weeks, however, LinkedIn has completely and totally revamped their Salesforce service. Here, we will tell you some of the more exciting developments of this revamp. We will also tell you why we love the remodel of Salesforce. Lastly, we will tell you how to use these two services together to seriously boot your bottom line if only you know how to use them.

A Whole New App

One of our favorite new developments is that of the standalone app called the LinkedIN Sales Navigator. Now you can check and send messages, get updates, and save information right to your phone. You can even get recommendations for potential connections that might be future customers. Whether you have an Android or iOS, you can still use this app.

LinkedIN Sales Navigator within Salesforce

With the use of Salesforce and LinkedIn, you can save quite a bit of time. And everyone in business knows that time is money. Digging up leads can sometimes be more than a little challenging. But when you use Salesforce, you can let the power of LinkedIn do it for you. Get recommended connections, read important company and business details, and find people faster than you have ever been able to before. Whether you are looking for an old coworker, a potential lead on a big account, or just want to know more information about someone, it can be all right at your fingertips in a moment.


Boost Your Business

[tweet_quote]When you grow your sales funnel you can seriously grow your profits.[/tweet_quote] Use both Salesforce and LinkedIn to do just that. Hunt out clients you already know and trust. Then, connect with their friends, as well. When your reach on social media grows, so does your potential client base. Having a strong arm of social media in your marketing arsenal is now just another part of marketing success. So start building your (and your business) today with the use of one of the world’s largest potential customer databases, and a name you can trust.
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