The concept of co-working has been around for decades.  Long before there were companies and buildings dedicated to the concept there were libraries, coffee shops, and other venues were people gathered to get work done.  In recent years that concept has reemerged and developed a substantial following within the entrepreneurial and startup communities.  The concept has gained traction in part because these spaces provide an open, energetic, and cost effective solution for individuals that are not operationally or financially ready to acquire their own office space.

While launching my first company I spent the better part of twelve months working out of a co-working space.  Although I was a little apprehensive about stepping away from the corner booth at my favorite local coffee shop, the transition to a formal co-working space proved to be an excellent decision.  The cost was lower, the technology infrastructure was more reliable, and the environment was free of distractions.  In fact, I did some of the best work of my career during my co-working days.

Most co-working spaces have a membership of that is made up of hundreds of individuals from different age groups, different educational backgrounds, different skill sets, different career aspirations, and most importantly different areas of expertise.  This membership composition in tandem with the events that[tweet_quote] co-working spaces offer creates an environment that is highly conducive to learning and networking.[/tweet_quote]  This is by far the biggest benefit that I discovered during my time at the co-working space.  Every day at a co-working space you will be presented with opportunities to learn new things and meet new people.  This factor alone is enough to justify the small cost of a membership.

If you are interested in what the world of co-working has to offer I highly recommend getting involved.  Whether you are looking to work in the space full time, are using the space as a quiet escape from normal office life, are pitching a new business idea at a competition, or simply looking to network with other business professionals, I am confident that you will find value in these environments.  Here is a short list of the co-working spaces in the Indianapolis area: