How to Build a $13 Standing Desk

At the end of every year I try to spend some time cleaning my office. Throughout the year papers, files and just general stuff begin to pile up on my desk and I like take a few moments and just get things cleaned up. Also, for Christmas this year many of us at the office got the Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker and for the first time I realized how inactive I am throughout the day by sitting at my desk. So as I cleaned my office I was also thinking about how I could be somewhat more active during the day. So I began to Google “Standing Desks” and I was not in the mood to buy and put together a new desk. So instead, I improvised and built a standing desk that I could set on top of my desk. So far I am one day into using it and I love it.

How to Build a Standing Desk

How to Build a Standing Desk

First of all I did some research on how high a standing desk should be and I read that it should come to your elbows. I’m 5’11” so here is how I went about it:

Total Time: 20 minutes


  • (1) Desktop Panel – 3/4″ x 24″ x 48″
  • (2) 2″x2″x8′ Pine boards
  • #8 – 2 ½” screws

My Cuts
This was quite easy. Because I’m 5’11” my elbows came to about 15″ off the desk. So I cut both of the 2″x 2″x 8″ pine boards into 15″ pieces which left me with 12 2″ x 2″ x 15″ pieces. My desktop panel was already cut at the hardware store.


  1. Screw the 2″ x 2″ x 15″ pieces into the desktop panel so it is strong enough to hold your computer equipment.
  2. Place on desk
  3. Go to Work

That’s it! If you want to improve the cosmetics of it you can add trim around it, paint it or use better quality wood.


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